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Choosing the right arbour for your garden shape and size

When it comes to decorating your garden, there are so many ways to add some character to your favourite outdoor area. With so many readily available garden structures at great prices, it’s easier than ever to change your property for the better! Garden arbours are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their elegant structures, interesting designs and endless uses. At Garden Street, we have a large variety of arbours for you to choose from that will suit all garden sizes and shapes. In this article we will guide you through the... Read More

keeping-garden-safe-this-summer 26/05/2015

Keeping your garden safe; prepare for summer

With the British weather being temperamental at the best of times, we all love to finally get out in the garden when the conditions improve. The summer is almost here and, again, we are dusting off the BBQs, rolling out the garden furniture, and wondering where we put the sunscreen. However, the British summer time is not without its dangers. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), around 300,000 people sustain injury every year due to garden-related incidents and were admitted to hospital as a result.... Read More


10 Gardening bloggers everyone should follow

Gardening blogs can be mines of information for the intrepid gardener; whether you’re just starting out or an experienced amateur – the internet offers a whole host of tried and tested tips, advice and reviews to help you with your own garden. Whether a first-time veg grower, or set on creating a practical play spot for you and your family or just a haven for you to relax, blogs from passionate gardeners are great for gathering useful information in a more informal way. Welly Woman For a wonderful read, full... Read More


Rolawn ProMulch® | Thank You Very Mulch

Why Rolawn’s new ProMulch® blend is a must have for your garden… Here’s our introduction to the use of Mulch, whether you’re a new or experienced user we hope to make you aware of the benefits of ProMulch. What is Mulch? A mulch is a loose material used to cover the ground to protect and enrich the soil, improve the appearance of beds and borders and also act as an insulator to protect plant roots from frost and help regulate the soil’s temperature. Why ProMulch? ProMulch is not only Organic... Read More


New Range | Alexander Rose

New for this season, we are really excited to finally reveal that the Alexander Rose Range is now available at for purchase. At the forefront of garden furniture design since 1994, Alexander Rose pride themselves in premium quality products which reflects their passion, skill of design, and style. Alexander Rose have listened to your feedback and what you want, and have come out with stunningly contemporary and classic designs suited to everybody’s taste and style. Perhaps what is most impressive is that they have not compromised this impeccable quality... Read More


Quick Tip | Broken Pots?

Broken your pots? Don’t worry here are 2 simple uses to get the most from them. Use 1 – Create a feature! – If just one side is broken why not make it a feature. Use 2 – Drainage – Use your old pots for drainage in your new ones: