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Why Rolawn’s new ProMulch® blend is a must have for your garden…

Here’s our introduction to the use of Mulch, whether you’re a new or experienced user we hope to make you aware of the benefits of ProMulch.

Award Winning ProMulch

What is Mulch?

A mulch is a loose material used to cover the ground to protect and enrich the soil, improve the appearance of beds and borders and also act as an insulator to protect plant roots from frost and help regulate the soil’s temperature.

Why ProMulch?
ProMulch is not only Organic & Biodegradable, it’s a patented high quality and peat free mulch that promotes healthy plant growth by enhancing soil fertility and retaining water effectively. Proven to outperform all other mulches for texture, air content, friability, moisture retention and fertility.
It’s also Pet Safe, where as other mulches have been known to contain cocoa shells or spent hops, which can be toxic when ingested.

Why Organic & Biodegradable?
Organic or biodegradable mulches such as ProMulch will rot down over time and in doing so increase the fertility and organic content of the soil. A real boost for your plants. This does mean they will need topping up from time to time, but makes it the perfect choice for herbaceous or perennial borders and vegetable beds which you plan to dig over in the future.
Alternatives, such as non-biodegradable mulches (decorative aggregates or rubber chippings) will not need replacing or topping up very often. Whilst they do add colour and suppress weeds, these mulches do not increase fertility or soil structure!


ProMulch Can Save Water

How does Mulch save water?

Good quality mulch will slow evaporation rates to improve moisture retention, resulting in a reduced need to irrigate. During heavy rainfall mulch will increase the total capacity of a bed to hold water, reduce run off, which in extreme conditions can contribute to flash flooding.
The management of water in the UK is something not-for-profit organisation Waterwise take seriously, and they have awarded Rolawn’s ProMulch with their Waterwise Award highlighting its quality.

Jacob Tompkins – MD of Waterwise tells us more:

“I am delighted that Rolawn’s ProMulch® has been awarded the Waterwise Checkmark, this is an eco product in every sense of the word, from the source materials to its benefits in the garden. Mulching is an excellent way to conserve water, it reduces evaporation and increases the amount of water the soil can hold. Waterwise is currently working with the gardening and landscaping industry on water issues and doing a lot of work around training; products such as ProMulch make our work a lot easier as it provides professionals (and amateurs) with the clever natural eco-technology they need to create beautiful functional gardens that can survive the floods and droughts we are going to be experiencing in the future.”

• Guide: How to apply Mulch

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