Choosing the right arbour for your garden shape and size

When it comes to decorating your garden, there are so many ways to add some character to your favourite outdoor area. With so many readily available garden structures at great prices, it’s easier than ever to change your property for the better!


Garden arbours are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their elegant structures, interesting designs and endless uses. At Garden Street, we have a large variety of arbours for you to choose from that will suit all garden sizes and shapes. In this article we will guide you through the things you should consider before purchasing your garden arbour as well as tips on how to best use these.

Uses for garden arbours

Before looking at arbours, it is important that you have an idea of what you would like to use it for. Arbours are generally used for seating within the garden, however there are other popular uses such as a shelf for your plant display and even a separator for creating the illusion of more space.

A seated arbour is great for creating an attractive area for you or your guests to enjoy. We recommend placing in a sunny area of your garden or somewhere where there is an interesting view to enjoy. This adds to the experience that you are providing and will add an air of interest to your landscape. This is great for gardens of all sizes and shapes as arbours will look great just about anywhere!

An alternative way to use your arbour is as a shelf for your plants. Instead of using the seating bench for its intended purpose, you can use your arbour as a unique plant display! Using pots or a planting tray, choose your favourite flowers and place them on the seat. The arch of the arbour will nicely frame your display giving your garden an interesting feature. This usually works better in smaller gardens as arbours are not huge but are an adequate size to make a great centrepiece on a patio or in a smaller area.

Another common use of arbours is to place them in the middle of your garden, just jutting out from the edge of a fence, hedge or plant display, in order to create a partition in your garden. This almost forms a gateway which makes your garden look larger than it is as it creates two parts. This is a perfect idea for small gardens as it allows you to make the most of your lawn.

Garden arbour materials

Once you have decided on what you would like to use your arbour for, you should think about which material will best suit its surroundings. We offer wooden and metal arbours, as well as a combination of both! Each material offers different benefits so you should carefully consider each one in order to decide which is best for you.


The most common material used for garden arbours is wood as it gives off a classic feel and blends in with your garden thanks to its natural appearance. These usually suit more traditional gardens that have a natural or minimalistic theme. Wooden arbours usually need more maintenance than other materials and may need painting or staining on occasion to protect it from decay and rot.

Metal can also be used to create arbours; these usually give off a more prominent look thanks to their stronger colours. These often feature thinner designs thanks to their flexibility as well as more intricate patterns than you would find in wooden arbours. These suit modern and urban gardens as they give out an alternative art feel.

The Huntingdon Arbour from Greenhurst is a great example of a modern metal arch and the aluminium frame construction of the Rowlinson Monaco arbour epitomises contemporary style.

What size arbour should I get?

The size of your arbour really depends on the size of your garden. You may want your arbour to be the centre of attention in your garden but this doesn’t mean it should take over! Each of our product descriptions for arbours contain specifications which show the dimensions of each structure. It is absolutely necessary to check these before purchasing so as to avoid disappointment and achieve the results you want.


For smaller gardens we recommend that you choose arched arbours as these give you all the benefits you require without taking up too much room. Most of these designs are hollow which allow more sunlight without blocking the view of your garden. This again gives the illusion of more space and looks great on both patios and grass.

Larger gardens can benefit from all types of structures, with many showcasing more intriguing designs. Whilst your garden will also look great with a classic arbour, why not think about more creative options such as corner arbours and even structures with a built in table. If you have more room in your garden and are thinking about placing your arbour in an open area, we have a swinging arbour which can provide a new level of relaxation.

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