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New for this season, we are really excited to finally reveal that the Alexander Rose Range is now available at for purchase. At the forefront of garden furniture design since 1994, Alexander Rose pride themselves in premium quality products which reflects their passion, skill of design, and style. Alexander Rose have listened to your feedback and what you want, and have come out with stunningly contemporary and classic designs suited to everybody’s taste and style.

Perhaps what is most impressive is that they have not compromised this impeccable quality and style with poorly sourced wood. The variety of wood used for all of their wooden products is FSC ® Certified, which meets the social, ecological, and economic rights of our world’s forests without compromising those of future generations. This is a guarantee that the wood is responsibly sourced, under the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council. has the Teak, Cornis, Roble, and Pine Garden Furniture ranges available for purchase now. Each wood type has its own identity, style, and ambience to suit one’s garden, and have up to 10 years material warranty.


The Golden Brown appearance of Teak is great for those seeking more of a classic and natural look in their garden with its lighter wood tone. With its warm appeal, Teak has an expected durability of 25 years, making it a lengthy addition to your garden setting. From the Tectona Grandis species, all Teak in Alexander Rose’s products has been responsibly sourced from Brazil, and is 100% FSC® Certified.


Similar to Teak, Roble has a colour and style great for those looking for a more natural and classic look. Reliably sourced from Bolivia, the light yellow colour is bright and contemporary, and provides a great alternative to the traditional garden favourite Teak. With a durability of 25 years, this 100% FSC Certified wood will still look great in your garden for years to come.

Eucalyptus Tereticornis

Responsibly sourced from South America and 100% FSC® Certified, Cornis has an expected durability of up to 10 years. The dense, almost knot free grain, has an oiled finish and smooth lustre. The Reddish Brown style of Cornis is sure to turn heads, with the sophisticated rich colouring.


Responsibly sourced from Poland, from the Pinus Sylestris species of tree, Pine has an expected durability of up to 10 years. The pale/yellow green colouring is a style we are all used to with natural wooden products, and is sure to make a welcome addition to garden furniture. 100% FSC® Certified.

So next time you are looking for garden furniture, which combines great style, durability, and environmental/social/economic care and responsibility, look no further than Alexander Rose.

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