10 Gardening bloggers everyone should follow

Gardening blogs can be mines of information for the intrepid gardener; whether you’re just starting out or an experienced amateur – the internet offers a whole host of tried and tested tips, advice and reviews to help you with your own garden. Whether a first-time veg grower, or set on creating a practical play spot for you and your family or just a haven for you to relax, blogs from passionate gardeners are great for gathering useful information in a more informal way.

  1. Welly Woman

For a wonderful read, full of lots of tips, lively debates and wonderful photos, the Welly Woman blog is ideal for the avid gardener and covers a wide range of subjects. Plants, flowers and veg are all included, plus visits to inspiring gardens and help with garden design or managing pests. The author even offers recipes for creating dishes from veg grown in your garden. All posts are tagged so it’s easy to find what you’re after and fun to read in a meandering fashion; you can get happily lost in this blog.

  1. Middle Sized Garden

Full of tips, tutorials, product reviews and guides aimed at the average family garden, this is a great blog if you’re looking for something realistic and achievable. With great practical tips on everything from cleaning your garden furniture to selecting pots; the author offers frank, honest advice for tending a middle-sized garden without breaking the bank.

  1. Alternative Eden

A wonderfully inspirational blog with a personal feel to it; although it focuses on the installation and development of an exotic garden in the UK, which may not to be everyone’s taste, the blog includes lots of plant based outings, tips and ideas which can be transferable for any gardener. Well worth a look even just to see the beautiful koi pond.

  1. Fennel and Fern

With a strong focus on vegetable gardens this blog offers great tutorials and recipes with some wonderful photos. Plenty of material for the flower lover too, there’s also some actionable tips for protecting your plants from slugs as well as product reviews.

  1. Real Men Sow

Although aimed more at allotment and home veg growers than standard family gardens, this blog is a useful read, offering a plethora of tips and advice. Great for newbies to gardening, many of the tips can be transferable to regular plants and flowers for those wishing to stick to floral beds.

  1. James Alexander-Sinclair

A fun read from this popular garden designer, although not strictly related just to gardens all the way through, there’s some fun stories, great photos and an interesting look behind the scenes at the life of a busy professional garden designer.

  1. Little Green Fingers

Aimed at encouraging children to enjoy gardening and the outdoors, this blog offers ideas and suggestions for family friendly gardening fun. There’s lots of inspiration to be found for indoors and outdoors gardening, including how to create bug hotels, making outdoor bunting and exciting planting activities.

  1. The Patient Gardener

A good read with plenty of useful link to other blogs and gardening societies. Covering all aspects of gardening, the author’s passion for her garden is obvious. With everything from book reviews, to anecdotes about her own garden adventures, it’s the ideal blog for those who love gardening too.

  1. Royal Horticulture Society

The RHS website provides several blogs with posts from experts in their fields. Whether you’re looking for advice caring for the wildlife in your garden, or tips for producing the finest sweet peas, the RHS offers advice and suggestions for gardens of all sizes.

  1. The Enduring Gardener

With a focus on sustainable, organic gardening, this blog comes split in to several areas; looking at greenhouses, garden design and garden maintenance. In addition there are tips, growing suggestions and how-to guides. Offering photos and reviews from inspiring gardens and flower shows, this is a great all-round blog for gardeners of all levels.

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