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Five Ways to Revitalise Your Garden On a Budget

Whether you’re replacing fencing, buying new furniture or building a patio cover, doing up the garden can add up and be quite expensive. However, giving the garden a refresh needn’t break the bank and you can transform your space outside with just some small changes and improvements. 1)Paint the shed and fencing A simple way to bring your garden back to life and give it a quick makeover is by painting the shed or fencing – or both! You can now buy a range of colours and stains to suit... Read More


Why Buy a Pizza Oven?

Last October we predicted that one of the hottest trends for 2021 would be Outdoor Pizza Ovens. We were right – with sales through the roof and stock selling out in no time! We have seen a shift in garden leisure in the UK, with interactive and immersive experiences coming more into trend. Making homemade pizzas fits the bill; from proving homemade dough balls for the base to decorating and cooking the pizzas, it is something the whole family can look to be involved in. The proof is in the... Read More


Do You Need a Foundation for a Shed?

A commonly asked question we are asked is what kind of base/foundation a shed would need. It is an important question as the wrong type of base will cause problems during the assembly of the shed, and potential problems in the future. It is important to note that for those sheds that do not include a floor the base you have laid will also be the floor you’ll be using when inside your shed. Can you Put Sheds on Concrete? The ideal base/foundation for a shed is concrete. Concrete is... Read More


Do I Need To Cover My Garden Furniture?

During the spring and summer months, the thought of covering your furniture may not seem important. However, as the weather turns it is important to think about protecting your garden furniture from rain and cold weather conditions. Storing your garden furniture away in a shed or garage for winter may not be an option, but is it worth purchasing a cover and does all furniture need it? Rattan Furniture Some rattan furniture doesn’t need covering and can be left outside all year round, as they are UV and frost resistant... Read More


Choosing the Right Topsoil

In order to give your plants the best chance in life it is worth taking the time and effort to research and purchase the right topsoil to help them flourish in your garden. What is Topsoil? Topsoil is the top layer of soil in your garden. A large amount of the nutrients needed for plants can be found in the topsoil. Your garden will naturally have a layer of topsoil, however over time, in particular if you have been planting/replanting in your garden the topsoil will lose nutrients and quality.... Read More


What Size Bin Store Do I Need?

Keeping your wheelie bins in a bin store is a simple and effective way to keep them hidden from view in your garden or driveway. With wheelie bins and recycling boxes varying from household to household, it can be difficult to know which storage unit will accommodate your bins, but with our helpful guide you should be able to find exactly what you need! What Is The Standard Size Wheelie Bin? Wheelie bins are often available in 3 sizes, however, the standard bin size in the UK is 240L. Below... Read More


Benefits Of Composting

Composting is the process of breaking down decaying organic matter into fertiliser for plants. In this guide we will discuss the benefits of composting and see just how easy it can be.   Why Compost? There are many benefits to composting, but what are the main reasons for doing it? Enriches Soil Compost is full of natural nutrients that plants use to grow. When compost is added on top of soil it helps retain moisture, allowing your garden to thrive without the use of chemical fertilisers. Reduces Waste It is... Read More


Watering Your Garden

We all like to keep our gardens healthy, and a major part of this is ensuring your garden is watered. This is even more important as the summers are getting warmer. Hose The most common way of keeping your garden watered is by connecting a hose to either a household tap or outside tap if you have one. A hose is simple to operate and can be purchased in kits which include the connector for your tap and a sprayer for the watering end. They can also be a relatively... Read More


Best Cushions For Your Garden Furniture

A large majority of garden furniture, whether they be lounge sets, bistro sets or dining sets, tend to include comfortable cushions to sit and rest on. It is important to understand the type of cushions included with your purchase, as most may require being stored when not in use. Others include patented designed cushions suitable for outside use even when it is raining. If the set you have purchased does not state that the cushions are designed to stay outside it is safe to assume they must be stored when... Read More


Fabric Gazebos and Drainage

Gazebos are growing in popularity; thanks to the shade and entertaining space they provide for your garden. They can be made with either polycarbonate panels or with fabric canopies and curtains. Why Do Fabric Gazebos Have Holes? With fabric canopies on gazebos you’ll find that they feature small holes across the run of the canopy. This is so that any rainfall which rests on the canopy can drain away. If the holes weren’t there rainfall would build up on the canopy, increasing in weight and eventually causing the canopy to... Read More