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How To Create A Balcony Garden

Balcony gardens are a growing trend this year, with more and more people utilising the small outdoor space that they have. Just because you have a balcony, it doesn’t mean you are restricted when it comes to growing your own produce or creating a peaceful outdoor haven. With our handy guide, you can find ways to create your very own balcony garden. How Do You Start A Balcony Garden? Creating a balcony garden can be simple, however preparation is key! The first thing to do before you get started is... Read More


How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are great to ensure you keep your garden furniture in the best possible condition they can be in for longer. Why Clean Your Furniture Covers? Particularly during the winter months, it is a great idea to keep your covers clean. There are two main reasons for this Presentation: Whilst you may not be enjoying your garden quite as much as during the summer, you’ll still want your garden to be as presentable and tidy as possible. Potential damage to your furniture: If the covers are allowed to become... Read More


Extending Your Home

When considering extending your home your first thought would be to build an extension. Whilst this does provide you with plenty of extra space, this can come at some financial cost as well as require planning permission and builders to complete the work. There are alternative ways to give the illusion of extending your home for considerably less money and without a lot of the hassle. Patio Covers Extending out of the back of your house, a large patio cover can offer outdoor seating and dining. Attached to your back-house... Read More


Creating a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables has never been so popular, and it is something which is straightforward to achieve in your garden. How Do You Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch? First and foremost, you want to choose a section of your garden where you wish to grow vegetables. Whilst you may be tempted to start growing lots of things at once, it is better and easier to start gradually. The creation of a vegetable garden can begin at any point during the year, however Spring and Autumn, and in particular... Read More


Planters 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Planters are a quick and easy way to invigorate an give an injection of colour to your garden area. Our merchandising team at GardenStreet give you the full guide on what to consider when purchasing your next planter. Planters for Commercial Segregation Planters can be an environmentally friendly alternative to provide pedestrian segregation and barriers. Ideal for carparks, or to protect pedestrian walkways, a planter is cheap, heavy, and can add to the aesthetics of an area. The Rowlinson Patio Planter is 180cm long, and can be a dead-weight to... Read More


How To Maximise A Small Garden Or Courtyard

Having a small garden doesn’t have to mean your outdoor space should be made redundant. With some simple design hacks, you can easily transform a small garden or courtyard in order to maximise the space you have. With our tips and tricks, you will soon be utilising your outdoor area and entertaining friends and family in no time! Create An Illusion A simple and cost effective way of making your garden look or feel bigger is the art of illusion and tricking the eye. If you are looking to transform... Read More


How to mix and match outdoor furniture materials | 2021 Garden Trends

Our garden design consultants work way ahead of the clock to determine the upcoming garden trends and styles for 2021. A common theme we look for is the contrast in garden furniture; be it in the material, colour, or texture. Most sets on our website have some element of contrast. For example, the Prestbury collection which has a lighter weave and darker cushions. We expect contrasting materials to be a popular pick for this season; by combining wood, metal, or rattan amongst the same set. Here are our top recommendations... Read More



We’ve all been spending more time in our gardens recently and this may have inspired you transform your garden. For when new planting and new furniture doesn’t cut it you can instead landscape your garden. This can be done in several different ways. Re-landscaping your garden can be fun and need not cost the earth. Turf/Lawn One of the most traditional features of many homes is that of a crisp green lawn. Perfect for lazing on or for playing sports, a patch of grass in your garden brings colour and... Read More


Hot Garden Trends For Summer 2021

Following a year where we’ve all spent much more time than usual at home and in the garden, people have found themselves using their garden differently. Small changes to your garden can make a great difference to how you utilise the space you have, but what are the trends for 2021 and is it something you can achieve in your back garden? Follow our handy guide for what the top garden trends are for the year ahead! Balcony & Small Gardens For years we have always seen garden trends that... Read More


Finding The Right Bike Store

If you have a bike you may be wondering how you can keep it stored away when you are at home. Not all people have the luxury of a garage or a shed with enough space and a bike store that won’t take up too much room may be the only option. In this guide we will outline the benefits of a bike shed and help you to understand what kind of storage unit might be the most suitable for your requirements. What Are The Benefits of a Bike Store?... Read More