Products Spotlight: Rowlinson Prestbury

At GardenStreet, we are always excited when a new collection of products hits the shelves and is introduced to the market.  This is as our customers can see the result of years of thorough planning, research & product development in developing a high quality product. Our care and attention to detail is showcased in the sets, that we are sure our customers will love when they see them. For 2020, a new range of rattan furniture has arrived into stock by Rowlinson. The Prestbury collection features outdoor dining sets, recliner... Read More


Building a Fence: Hints & Tips

How Deep Should Concrete/Fence Posts Be Buried? Metal or Wooden Posts should ideally be sunk 2 foot into the ground and then set using gravel or concrete. We also recommend that the hole should be at least two thirds bigger than the post of which you’re fitting. If you are using timber posts we also advise that you either concrete or Postcrete the posts on top of a minimum of 2 inches of gravel to allow for drainage. How Far Apart Do You Set Fence Posts? Most of the wooden... Read More