Building a Fence: Hints & Tips

How Deep Should Concrete/Fence Posts Be Buried?

Metal or Wooden Posts should ideally be sunk 2 foot into the ground and then set using gravel or concrete. We also recommend that the hole should be at least two thirds bigger than the post of which you’re fitting.

If you are using timber posts we also advise that you either concrete or Postcrete the posts on top of a minimum of 2 inches of gravel to allow for drainage.

How Far Apart Do You Set Fence Posts?

Most of the wooden ‘off the shelf’ fence panels’ measure at 1830mm (6ft) in width, however some are available in shorter sizes, such as 4 foot.

It’s very important to start with posts on the corners and then work back down your garden. If you are creating your own fence panels it is important to not make these too long, for example over 8 foot, as this would cause the panels to lose structural integrity.

If you are planning on purchasing panels, then we would recommend working out your post placement depending on which size panels you are going to purchase.

What Do I Need To Install A Fence?

You will need either U-shaped or L-Shaped Clips for attaching the panels to the posts. If you are installing gravel boards underneath your panels we’d recommend using U-Shaped Clips to secure the panels to the boards.

We’d recommend 3 clips on each side of the fence panel to attach to the posts.

Gravel boards are optional. These stop your panels from taking on moisture from the ground and also helps towards preventing rotting. This extends the life of your fencing. Gravel boards are generally made from either concrete or pressure treated wood.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Fence?

With 2 people working on a moderate-to-large sized garden, for example 300ft, we would advise around 5 to 6 days to install fencing with posts. This includes cutting the panels down (if needed), and the postcrete setting. The postcrete would need to set before attaching the panels to the posts

If you are looking to employ a contractor to install a fence for you, we would advise that again a moderate-to-large garden would take around 1 to 3 days to fully complete.

Construction time will always vary depending on the complexity of the layout, the soil conditions, the weather and skill level of the individuals installing the fencing.

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