Garden Centre: 5 Reasons why staying in is the new going out

Visiting a garden centre can be a great day out. Whether you grab a bite to eat at an on-site café, get inspiration in garden furniture, or just to burn some time with fresh air, it is a favoured weekend pastime. Over the last year or so, the dynamic of a quick visit to a garden centre has changed. This is now a more measured activity, with less impromptu visits and more structure to a visit. Our garden furniture showsite in Cheshire has adapted to social distancing measures for your... Read More


Top 5 Ooni Recipes to try this Summer

At GardenStreet, we love Ooni Pizza Ovens. Whether opting for the convenience of a Gas-Heated Koda, or the authenticity of Wood-Fired Fyra, these ovens can cook a Neapolitan in as little as 60 seconds. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Ooni ovens are one trick ponies and only good for Pizzas; they are versatile and ideal for cooking a variety of sweet & savoury dishes. We’ve already covered how to make the perfect homemade pizza, so have picked our top 5 Ooni non-Pizza recipes to try this Summer. 1) Perfect... Read More


Planters 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Planters are a quick and easy way to invigorate an give an injection of colour to your garden area. Our merchandising team at GardenStreet give you the full guide on what to consider when purchasing your next planter. Planters for Commercial Segregation Planters can be an environmentally friendly alternative to provide pedestrian segregation and barriers. Ideal for carparks, or to protect pedestrian walkways, a planter is cheap, heavy, and can add to the aesthetics of an area. The Rowlinson Patio Planter is 180cm long, and can be a dead-weight to... Read More


How to mix and match outdoor furniture materials | 2021 Garden Trends

Our garden design consultants work way ahead of the clock to determine the upcoming garden trends and styles for 2021. A common theme we look for is the contrast in garden furniture; be it in the material, colour, or texture. Most sets on our website have some element of contrast. For example, the Prestbury collection which has a lighter weave and darker cushions. We expect contrasting materials to be a popular pick for this season; by combining wood, metal, or rattan amongst the same set. Here are our top recommendations... Read More


Choosing the right Gazebo for your Hot-tub

Hot tubs are becoming ever popular in the UK. From inflatable entry level models such as the ubiquitous Laz-y-Spas, to premium permanent models with all the mod-cons and gadgets you can imagine. Accessorising and finishing your hot tub is important to help give a classy finish, and also help to enhance the experience of those enjoying the pool. It can help to blend the water feature into your garden theme and design. We pick our top 5 Hot Tub Gazebos to suit varying styles and budgets, and to create a... Read More


Choosing the Right Carport | A UK Guide

Carports are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as they provide shelter and protection for your vehicle. They are more cost efficient than building a garage, and usually have a quicker turnaround time to build and come in kit form. With this in mind, carports can be a cheaper and quicker way to protect your car. Are carports cheaper than garages? Carports come in kit form – they are typically made in bulk and imported into the UK. As a result, the prices tend to be cheaper that garages. As... Read More


How to Upcycle Garden Furniture with Paint

Upcycling garden furniture is a quick and cost effective way to revitalise your outdoor space. A lick of paint can keep your colours in trend for 2021, and also help your environmental offset (rather than buying new). It also gives a real unique finish to your garden, as upcycling can mean a personal colour scheme to your furniture which can’t be replicated with store bought products. How do you upcycle wood? Tired wooden furniture can have a lease of life with upcycling. Most wooden garden products in the UK tend... Read More


Upcycling Inspiration: Top 5 Ideas to Try this Winter

Upcycling is a cheap way to do up your garden. As well as the environmental benefits of encouraging recycling and reusing, it creates quirky and unique designs not found in shops – at a fraction of the cost! 1) Welly Planters Have your wellies seen better days? Perhaps you’ve outgrown them, or they have started to wear out? Create quirky planters by using them to grown plants or herbs! The holes will act as natural drainage, and bright designs can add texture and vibrancy to your garden 2) Tire Planters... Read More


Top Picks for the Garden this Autumn

Despite Summer 2020 now being a distant memory, it is a great time to look to purchase for your garden. As well as keep your garden presentable over winter, prudent purchasing can also help extend the time you spend in your garden over the next few months. The changing, cooler weather can be a deterrent in using your outdoor space, but that needn’t be the case. Our collection of outdoor heaters can keep you snug in your garden, and help you to continue to use your outdoor space into the... Read More


Tips to Weatherproof your Garden Furniture

At GardenStreet, we love Autumn. The change of seasons brings us stunning foliage, crisp warnings, and the reintroduction of the pumpkin flavoured coffees in our favourite coffee shops! With the change of seasons, it also acts as a reminder to make sure that our garden furniture is weatherproofed and ready for winter. But how do you protect your garden furniture? What, if any, action is needed? Typically garden furniture tends to be made of either a plastic/rattan, wood, or metal. Each of these requires a different type of care. Wooden... Read More