Why Buy a Pizza Oven?

Last October we predicted that one of the hottest trends for 2021 would be Outdoor Pizza Ovens. We were right – with sales through the roof and stock selling out in no time! We have seen a shift in garden leisure in the UK, with interactive and immersive experiences coming more into trend. Making homemade pizzas fits the bill; from proving homemade dough balls for the base to decorating and cooking the pizzas, it is something the whole family can look to be involved in. The proof is in the... Read More


Do You Need a Foundation for a Shed?

A commonly asked question we are asked is what kind of base/foundation a shed would need. It is an important question as the wrong type of base will cause problems during the assembly of the shed, and potential problems in the future. It is important to note that for those sheds that do not include a floor the base you have laid will also be the floor you’ll be using when inside your shed. Can you Put Sheds on Concrete? The ideal base/foundation for a shed is concrete. Concrete is... Read More


Choosing the Right Topsoil

In order to give your plants the best chance in life it is worth taking the time and effort to research and purchase the right topsoil to help them flourish in your garden. What is Topsoil? Topsoil is the top layer of soil in your garden. A large amount of the nutrients needed for plants can be found in the topsoil. Your garden will naturally have a layer of topsoil, however over time, in particular if you have been planting/replanting in your garden the topsoil will lose nutrients and quality.... Read More


Watering Your Garden

We all like to keep our gardens healthy, and a major part of this is ensuring your garden is watered. This is even more important as the summers are getting warmer. Hose The most common way of keeping your garden watered is by connecting a hose to either a household tap or outside tap if you have one. A hose is simple to operate and can be purchased in kits which include the connector for your tap and a sprayer for the watering end. They can also be a relatively... Read More


Best Cushions For Your Garden Furniture

A large majority of garden furniture, whether they be lounge sets, bistro sets or dining sets, tend to include comfortable cushions to sit and rest on. It is important to understand the type of cushions included with your purchase, as most may require being stored when not in use. Others include patented designed cushions suitable for outside use even when it is raining. If the set you have purchased does not state that the cushions are designed to stay outside it is safe to assume they must be stored when... Read More


Fabric Gazebos and Drainage

Gazebos are growing in popularity; thanks to the shade and entertaining space they provide for your garden. They can be made with either polycarbonate panels or with fabric canopies and curtains. Why Do Fabric Gazebos Have Holes? With fabric canopies on gazebos you’ll find that they feature small holes across the run of the canopy. This is so that any rainfall which rests on the canopy can drain away. If the holes weren’t there rainfall would build up on the canopy, increasing in weight and eventually causing the canopy to... Read More


Why Do Sheds Need Bases

When purchasing a garden shed, or another garden building such as a Summerhouse or Workshop, it is important to note that you will need to have a base for the structure to be built on. Why Do I Need a Base? Regardless of the type of shed you have purchased, you will require a base for the following reasons: Flat Surface: It is imperative that the ground of which the shed will be built on is completely flat and level. A base that is not flat could cause structural issues... Read More


How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are great to ensure you keep your garden furniture in the best possible condition they can be in for longer. Why Clean Your Furniture Covers? Particularly during the winter months, it is a great idea to keep your covers clean. There are two main reasons for this Presentation: Whilst you may not be enjoying your garden quite as much as during the summer, you’ll still want your garden to be as presentable and tidy as possible. Potential damage to your furniture: If the covers are allowed to become... Read More


Extending Your Home

When considering extending your home your first thought would be to build an extension. Whilst this does provide you with plenty of extra space, this can come at some financial cost as well as require planning permission and builders to complete the work. There are alternative ways to give the illusion of extending your home for considerably less money and without a lot of the hassle. Patio Covers Extending out of the back of your house, a large patio cover can offer outdoor seating and dining. Attached to your back-house... Read More


Creating a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables has never been so popular, and it is something which is straightforward to achieve in your garden. How Do You Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch? First and foremost, you want to choose a section of your garden where you wish to grow vegetables. Whilst you may be tempted to start growing lots of things at once, it is better and easier to start gradually. The creation of a vegetable garden can begin at any point during the year, however Spring and Autumn, and in particular... Read More