Product Spotlight: Rowlinson Double Bin Store

Why buy a Double Bin Store?

Wheelie Bins can be an eyesore on your property or drive. A Bin Store encloses your wheelie bins, instantly making them look more attractive and also protecting them from becoming knocked over or damaged due to the weather or animals.

A double bin store allows for the storage of 2 wheelie bins.

What Size Bins Can the Rowlinson Double Bin Store Hold?

The Double Bin Store from Rowlinson can hold 2 x 240 litre wheelie bins.

Most councils across the UK have 240 litre sized wheelie bins for homes, although this can vary across the UK. It is always worth either measuring your wheelie bin or contacting your local council if you are unsure.

Bin Size in Litres Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm)
80 93.5 44.9 51.3
120 93 48 54.3
140 106 48 54.4
240 107 58 74
360 110 60.1 88

Do I Have to Lift The Bin Lid?

The Bin Stores include a chain which attaches to the top of your bin lids. What this means is that when you lift the lid on the store it’ll lift the bin lid up at the same time. This helps to keep your hands cleaner by not having to touch your bin lid, and also doesn’t mean you have to juggle keeping two lids open.

Does It Have a Back Panel?

The Rowlinson Double Bin Store does not include a back panel. This particular store, whilst free standing, is designed to rest against a wall or fence.

Rowlinson do however have alternative bin stores which do feature a back panel, and as such are completely enclosed stores.

Bin Store Includes a Back Panel Timber Finish Other Notable Features
Double Bin Store No Natural Finish Pressure Treated
Heritage Apex Bin Store Yes Grey Wash Finish Pressure Treated, Apex Lids
Apex Double Bin Store Yes Natural Finish Pressure Treated, Apex Lids
Rowlinson Heritage Apex Bin Store: Available on

Should I Treat My Bin Store?

You should also ensure you treat your wooden bin stores during the course of it’s life to prevent rot and other damage from ruining your purchase.

We recommend the range of products that Protek provide. We discuss the range of stains and preservers available in a previous blog.

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