Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Summer may be well and truly over, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your garden! The more work you do now, the greater the benefit come next Spring.

Follow a few of our handy tips to keep your garden maintained and in the best condition during the colder months.

Clear Your Paths

Autumn leaves are beautiful, however, they can cause quite a mess in your garden and can sometimes kill the grass. Keep your garden paths clear from fallen leaves and debris by raking, blowing or sweeping your garden and paving.

Top Tip: This is much easier when the leaves aren’t wet and soggy! Once free from debris, give any paving a quick blast with the pressure washer to prevent slippy grounds during the wetter months.

Cut Your Lawn

Although it may be at a slower rate, your lawn is likely to continue to grow during Autumn and Winter. Feeding your lawn with essential nutrients during Autumn will ensure the turf is prepared for Winter.

Make sure the lawn is free from leaves and moss by raking or scarifying it out, to reduce the build-up of any dead grass matter. When cutting the grass, raise the cutting height on your lawnmower, to keep the grass healthy and to prevent eating up any lawn seed you may have previously put down.

Plant Your Spring Bulbs

By planting your spring bulbs between October and December, you will ensure your garden is filled with beautiful colours come Spring time. Daffodils, Crocuses and Tulips are ideal to plant in the Winter months and you should always dig deep and plant them in holes that are 3-4 times deeper than the bulb itself.

Don’t Neglect Your Shed

Sheds, fencing and summerhouses need protecting from the elements during the Winter months. Prevent any timber decaying by treating garden buildings and fences with an exterior wood stain and protector.

Painting your Shed or Summerhouse in an exterior paint will not only protect the building, but will add colour and style to your garden. With a wide range of colours available, Protek Royal Exterior Finish will prolong the life of any playhouse, garden furniture or shed you may have in your garden.

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