Got a question about Protek’s wood stain treatments? Whether it’s how to apply or what outdoor structures can be painted, our Garden Street team have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you have any queries that are not covered specific to the Protek range of products, please contact our expert team on 0333 577 1926.

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Looking to protect your Rowlinson Shed or Grange Fencing? Look no further than Royal Exterior. This premium wood paint comes in a choice of 56 colours, and protects as well as providing a great finish to your product.  

Are all Protek gardening products safe for animals?

Protek wood stains are pet and plant friendly. The stain contains a borate fungicide which is a natural mineral salt. Effective against fungi and insects, it is completely harmless for animals (and humans) and is actually beneficial for plants.

The Protek Stable coat is ideal for animal housing but be sure to allow the treated surfaces to dry for at least 24 hours before letting animals near. Protek’s wood stain products don’t contain any animal ingredients so are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans.

Are the wood protector products suitable for children’s play equipment?

The bright colours make the Protek wood stains ideal for use on children’s play equipment. The wood stains all conform to BS EN-71 and are completely safe for use on play equipment and products carrying the CE mark.

They have all been tested and do not contain any elements of antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium. Allow the treated surface to dry completely for 24 hours before allowing children to play on the equipment. 

Can I use the Protek wood stain on items in my pond?

It’s fine to treat timber around pond areas but we would not recommend using the stain on any wood which comes into contact or is submerged with the pond water. Be sure to carry out the painting away from the pond itself, if possible.

What’s the best way to apply Protek products?

Most Protek wood stains and protectors can be applied either with a paintbrush, roller or sprayer. If using a sprayer then a HVLP pump action garden sprayer is ideal. If you find the stain too thick then you can dilute with up to 10 per cent water to assist spraying. Be sure to keep the nozzle clean and rinse thoroughly with water after use, to ensure the waterproof coating doesn’t build up and block the sprayer nozzle.

When using the Royal Exterior and Interior Wood finishes or the Stable Coat, then a paint brush, roller or low pressure spray gun will do the job. The Wood Preserver can’t be sprayed so make sure to use a synthetic brush designed for water-borne products.

How many coats will I need to apply using Protek?

In most cases two coats is best as this will give the best protection. If coating rough sawn timber then one coat will usually be sufficient, unless you are treating a building.