How to Host the Best Garden Party

Hosting a garden party can be stressful when worrying about your guests and making sure your guests wont go home hungry! However, with some helpful tips for hosting the best garden party, you and your guests are sure to have the best time! Food Arguably one of the most important things to think of when hosting a garden party is making sure your guests are fed! However, you don’t want to be spending your time inside in the kitchen when all your friends and family are outside enjoying the sunshine,... Read More


Five Ways to Revitalise Your Garden On a Budget

Whether you’re replacing fencing, buying new furniture or building a patio cover, doing up the garden can add up and be quite expensive. However, giving the garden a refresh needn’t break the bank and you can transform your space outside with just some small changes and improvements. 1)Paint the shed and fencing A simple way to bring your garden back to life and give it a quick makeover is by painting the shed or fencing – or both! You can now buy a range of colours and stains to suit... Read More


Do I Need To Cover My Garden Furniture?

During the spring and summer months, the thought of covering your furniture may not seem important. However, as the weather turns it is important to think about protecting your garden furniture from rain and cold weather conditions. Storing your garden furniture away in a shed or garage for winter may not be an option, but is it worth purchasing a cover and does all furniture need it? Rattan Furniture Some rattan furniture doesn’t need covering and can be left outside all year round, as they are UV and frost resistant... Read More


What Size Bin Store Do I Need?

Keeping your wheelie bins in a bin store is a simple and effective way to keep them hidden from view in your garden or driveway. With wheelie bins and recycling boxes varying from household to household, it can be difficult to know which storage unit will accommodate your bins, but with our helpful guide you should be able to find exactly what you need! What Is The Standard Size Wheelie Bin? Wheelie bins are often available in 3 sizes, however, the standard bin size in the UK is 240L. Below... Read More


Benefits Of Composting

Composting is the process of breaking down decaying organic matter into fertiliser for plants. In this guide we will discuss the benefits of composting and see just how easy it can be.   Why Compost? There are many benefits to composting, but what are the main reasons for doing it? Enriches Soil Compost is full of natural nutrients that plants use to grow. When compost is added on top of soil it helps retain moisture, allowing your garden to thrive without the use of chemical fertilisers. Reduces Waste It is... Read More


How To Create An Outdoor Play Area In Your Garden

With the days getting longer, finding ways to keep the children entertained during the Summer holidays can be daunting. But why spend money on days out every day or going to busy parks when you can transform your back garden into their very own adventure playground?! Play Equipment A climbing frame is a great way to develop children’s coordination and gross motor skills. With a wide range of climbing frames and play equipment available, you can find something suitable for most age ranges and some that even grow with your... Read More


How Do You Create A Contemporary Garden?

Creating a contemporary garden can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a huge garden makeover or redesign. With some clever planning and small changes, you can make a huge difference to your garden. Keep It Simple One of the key things to remember when aiming for a modern garden is: less is more! By keeping the space simple and using minimal furniture and accessories, you can easily achieve a contemporary style. Painting your decking, fencing or shed can instantly freshen up any garden. Colours with cool tones like... Read More


How To Create A Balcony Garden

Balcony gardens are a growing trend this year, with more and more people utilising the small outdoor space that they have. Just because you have a balcony, it doesn’t mean you are restricted when it comes to growing your own produce or creating a peaceful outdoor haven. With our handy guide, you can find ways to create your very own balcony garden. How Do You Start A Balcony Garden? Creating a balcony garden can be simple, however preparation is key! The first thing to do before you get started is... Read More


How To Maximise A Small Garden Or Courtyard

Having a small garden doesn’t have to mean your outdoor space should be made redundant. With some simple design hacks, you can easily transform a small garden or courtyard in order to maximise the space you have. With our tips and tricks, you will soon be utilising your outdoor area and entertaining friends and family in no time! Create An Illusion A simple and cost effective way of making your garden look or feel bigger is the art of illusion and tricking the eye. If you are looking to transform... Read More


Hot Garden Trends For Summer 2021

Following a year where we’ve all spent much more time than usual at home and in the garden, people have found themselves using their garden differently. Small changes to your garden can make a great difference to how you utilise the space you have, but what are the trends for 2021 and is it something you can achieve in your back garden? Follow our handy guide for what the top garden trends are for the year ahead! Balcony & Small Gardens For years we have always seen garden trends that... Read More