From weeds in your top soil, to delivery considerations; the Garden Street team have collated the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Rolawn’s turf and soil supplies.

If you have any questions that are not covered specific to the Rolawn range of gardening products, please contact our expert team on 0333 577 1926.

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What is the British Standard for Topsoil?

The British Standard for Topsoil BS3882:2007 is the latest standard for topsoil specifying its requirements for use. The mark allows customers to make informed choices by driving suppliers and users to take into account the intended purpose of the topsoil to ensure it is fit for purpose.

With the BS3882:2007 grade you can be satisfied that all Rolawn Topsoil products have been analysed to this high standard.

What type of soil is best for growing vegetables?

Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil is ideal for filling kitchen gardens, raised beds and containers. It is PH 7.5 and contains consistent organic matter, ensuring uniform results. Certain crops such as tomatoes and courgettes may require you to top up the nutrients in the first year, due to needing a higher nitrogen supply.

What type of soil is best for general purpose?

Blended Loam Topsoil is ideal for general use and landscaping projects. With a PH of 7.5 it is typically classed as a ‘sandy loam’. Light and friable, the Blended Loam is easy to use even in wet conditions. If you are unsure of which soil is right for you then give us a call on 0333 577 1926 and we will be happy to help.

Are there any considerations for deliveries of bags of topsoil?

Yes, due to the weight of the top soil bags, the product cannot be lifted over hedges or fences. The delivery driver will unload the topsoil from the truck onto a small manual pallet truck. This can only operate on tarmac, concrete and paved areas, so it’s important to ensure that the delivery area is level and free of obstructions.

Will there be weeds in my Topsoil?

As Rolawn Topsoil is not sterilised some stray weed seeds may be present. This means that you may occasionally come across weeds but these are likely to be only annual weeds, so once removed they will not return. Unlike pernicious weeds, these annual weeds only develop due to optimum plant growing conditions; the warm and wet weather that plants love.

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