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At Garden Street, we have all of your trusted brands like Haemmerlin, Rainwater Terrace, and Rolawn with top products to help you grow and water your plants, beds, and lawn. Experience free mainland delivery on our products by viewing our collection of Growing and Watering equipment today.

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Ergonomic Garden Maintenance Solutions...

Getting your hose in a tangle can be a frustrating issue for a gardener; and can take up valuable time in unravelling your hosepipe. There is now a solution for this, with the Haemmerlin Hose Reel. Available in two different sizes, these units can be wheeled out for storage, and the turn handle can ensure a controlled and precise unravelling of your hose. 

Water Butts, Wormeries, Composters and Much More...

With the hose pipe ban in place, water resources now to be more readily controlled. This has made watering your lawn and the plants more problematic. However, a water butt can store rainwater from the wetter months, to be used when the weather is more dry. Shop our water butts today, and celebrate trusted brands such as Original Organics and Rainwater Terrace.

Wormeries are a new up and coming fad, and are used to break down compost matter like food waste and lawn trimmings, and break it down into a finer compost to use on your plants. Sustainable, good for the environment, and via more efficient recycling, be sure to check our tiger wormeries today.

Check out Grange & Rowlinson for more traditional styled composters.