How to Upcycle Garden Furniture with Paint

Upcycling garden furniture is a quick and cost effective way to revitalise your outdoor space. A lick of paint can keep your colours in trend for 2021, and also help your environmental offset (rather than buying new).

It also gives a real unique finish to your garden, as upcycling can mean a personal colour scheme to your furniture which can’t be replicated with store bought products.

How do you upcycle wood?

Tired wooden furniture can have a lease of life with upcycling. Most wooden garden products in the UK tend to be made of teak, pine, or a hardwood like Acacia or Eucalyptus.

If left and not maintained, these tend to go a dull grey colour over time, and surface wearing can give a more gritty touch to the wood.

To upcycle wood in this condition, lightly sand down the wood to ensure an even finish which is smooth to the touch. This removes the debris from top layer, ensuring a solid canvas to paint on.

What paint is best for upcycling garden furniture?

Our range of Protek Royal Exterior has both colour and protection qualities. Available in 60 different colours to suit your specific style, it also helps protect the bench from UV damage, and rot and mould.

Being a water based substance, Royal Exterior is easy to apply and quick drying. Applying 3 coats can give a real vibrant colour to the wooden furniture when dried.

We’d recommend repainting every 6 to 12 months for best results. Why not combine colours and materials for a fresh and unique look?

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