Upcycling Inspiration: Top 5 Ideas to Try this Winter

Upcycling is a cheap way to do up your garden. As well as the environmental benefits of encouraging recycling and reusing, it creates quirky and unique designs not found in shops – at a fraction of the cost!

1) Welly Planters

Credit: Pinterest

Have your wellies seen better days? Perhaps you’ve outgrown them, or they have started to wear out? Create quirky planters by using them to grown plants or herbs! The holes will act as natural drainage, and bright designs can add texture and vibrancy to your garden

2) Tire Planters

Credit: Pinterest

Tires can be painted and then filled with soil to create a quirky setting for your plants to grow. The strong and durable nature of tires means they can also be stacked, to create a tiered platform.

3) Glass Bottle Lights

Bring old glass bottles back to life with the use of solar fairy lights. Old gin, wine, or medicine bottles can have the solar lights inserted within the bottle, and create a lovely ambient backdrop. The lights will tend to take the colour of the glass, and produce a unique lighting set up in your garden.

4) Pallet Wall Garden

Credit: Pinterest

An old pallet can be stood up vertically, and used as a wall garden. Ideal for smaller spaces, the gap in the slats allow pots to be fixed on.

Wooden pallets can also be painted to compliment your existing garden scheme, and to protect from rot.

5) Pallet Furniture

Credit: Pinterest

Pallets can be joined together to create a sofa set. Don’t forget, the pallets need sanding down and planing first. These can be painted any colour you want to compliment a garden setting.

Don’t forget to treat your wood too for longevity.

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