Garden Centre: 5 Reasons why staying in is the new going out

Visiting a garden centre can be a great day out.

Whether you grab a bite to eat at an on-site café, get inspiration in garden furniture, or just to burn some time with fresh air, it is a favoured weekend pastime.

Over the last year or so, the dynamic of a quick visit to a garden centre has changed. This is now a more measured activity, with less impromptu visits and more structure to a visit.

Our garden furniture showsite in Cheshire has adapted to social distancing measures for your safety. This includes our on-site team wearing face masks, Perspex screens around the tills, regular hand cleaning points for customers, routine cleaning, and limits on how many can be in the shop at one time.

Whilst this helps in the current situation, we understand that there are still reservations with visiting showrooms like our own. Here is why in 2021, we believe that staying in is the new going out.

  1. Online is more Convenient

With limits on customers allowed in shops (to maintain safe social distancing), shopping online stops any chance of waiting outside in the rain for the chance to enter a store.

Avoid the queues and time wasted on a trip to a garden centre, and have access to products in seconds.

The search function on our website also helps you find what you are looking for, and can avoid time wasted wandering around the store.

2. Websites have a Wider Choice of Products

Most showrooms have limited space, where it is very unlikely a full range of products will be on display. With over 5000 products, we at GardenStreet have fantastic choice for all budgets, tastes, and styles.

Where our Cheshire showroom may have 100-200 products on display, our website has much more choice in helping you find your perfect choice.

3. Personal Service is Matched Online

Our showroom team regularly receive high praise for our conduct, care, and personal service. With a changing high street, this same level of care is offered online. Our live chat feature means you can receive the same level of personal care from our Cheshire team, whilst in the comfort of your own home.

4. Save Money on Travelling to Garden Centres

Most garden centres are, on average, 14 miles from homes in England. Whilst this may sound trivial, there is a cost to travel to a site.

The service provided from Garden Centres is mirrored online. Our team shares staff; so those working in the showroom also deal with website queries. Cut out the hassle and effort of travel, and enjoy that same personal level of care without the cost.

5. Buying Online = Savvy Shopping

Shopping online is very transparent – where prices can be checked in the market by searching for the product name. This is more of a pain in a showroom or garden centre, but a quick online search may show other retailers showing similar products.

In some cases, this may lead to a great saving that may not have been made if you visited and purchased directly from a garden centre.

For more information on buying safely online, see our previous blog here which discussed the do’s and don’ts of online buying.

Don’t forget though, our showsite is still open and we are always happy to welcome you to visit.

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