Creating a Garden Bar in your Garden

A growing trend for gardens, in particular those with plenty of space, is to set up a garden bar for entertaining guests outside. Many of us have dreamed about running our own pub, and a garden bar is the perfect way to live out those dreams as a landlord!

The COVID pandemic has further accelerated this trend, as we’ve all had to spend more time at home.

Are Garden Bars Legal?

You can legally have a bar in your garden and distribute alcohol between your friends and family. 

You cannot however, sell alcohol, as the law states you would require a premise and personal license to sell alcohol, regardless of the fact if you are doing so on your own property. provides further information on licensing.

Do You Require Planning Permission?

In most cases you do not require planning permission to create a garden bar, however there are some instances where you would be advised to contact your local authority in order to seek guidance on whether or not permission needs to be obtained:

  • If your planned building requires multiple floors
  • If the bar is having a raised area, such as a balcony, veranda or roof terrace
  • If your home is a listed property
  • If the garden bar is going to be over 30 square metres in size

The above mainly reflects if you wish to build a garden bar from scratch. Retailed garden bars tend to not require any planning permissions, as they are in the same building bracket as a typical shed. If you are unsure however, always seek guidance from your local authority.

How Do You Set Up a Garden Bar?

There are two main ways of introducing a garden bar to your property.

  • Build your own
  • Purchase a flat packed garden bar

Whilst building your own always you to create something to your own design, this would come at a higher cost. It is worth checking comparison guides on buying over building sheds to see if this is something you may wish to consider.

The easiest and cheapest way of getting a garden bar is to purchase one ready to assemble, such as the Shire Garden Bar. This already includes a removable hatch and a bar.

What Accessories Could Be Used In Your Bar?

Once your bar is built, you are going to want it to really look the part. Shelving and units to hold bottles of beer, wine and spirits should be at the top of your priority list, however there is a multitude of other accessories you could pick up to finish off you’re building.

  • Bar Stools: For when your friends and family come over, you are going to want to have space for them to suit. 2 or 4 would be perfect, such as the Garden Trading Spindle Bar Stool.
  • Signage: You’ll want to decorate your bar, and what better way than a retro sign? The La Hacienda Ice Cold Beer Wall Sign is a perfect example.
  • Painting: Whilst not an accessory, one of the easiest and brightest ways of jazzing up your new bar is by giving it a lick of paint. Our vast array of colours in the Protek Royal Exterior range would provide you with plenty of options.
  • Cooler: Some drinks just taste so much better cold, so why not have a cooler in your bar? You could pick up a small fridge, or something more suited to drinks, such as the Lifestyle Stainless Steel Party Cooler.
  • Bunting/Lighting: As the sun goes down, keep your party illuminated. Solar lights are a great garden accessory anyway, and there is a plethora of lighting available to have attached to your bar, including the Noma Vintage Metal Solar Bunting.

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