Best Cushions For Your Garden Furniture

A large majority of garden furniture, whether they be lounge sets, bistro sets or dining sets, tend to include comfortable cushions to sit and rest on.

It is important to understand the type of cushions included with your purchase, as most may require being stored when not in use. Others include patented designed cushions suitable for outside use even when it is raining.

If the set you have purchased does not state that the cushions are designed to stay outside it is safe to assume they must be stored when not in use, in particular when the weather turns and outside of the spring and summer seasons.

EDEN Seasonproof Cushions

LG Outdoor have a vast array of different garden furniture sets, ranging from classic polyrattan to aluminium. One thing they all have in common however is that they include LG’s EDEN Seasonproof cushions.

These weatherproof cushions can be left outside on your garden furniture even when it is raining as the fabric is water repellent. If and when the cushions become wet they will dry out after a few hours and will be fine to use again. They are also easy to clean should they become dirty. They still however retain the feeling of a natural fabric.

Whilst they are weatherproof, should you have a prolonged period of bad weather, and when in the Autumn/Winter it is still advised to store the cushions away, to ensure they stay in the best possible condition ready for when you want to use them again.

Weather-Shield Cushions

From Royalcraft, these specially designed cushions can also be left outside in the rain. The fabric used on the covers allows for brain to become beads on the cushions and can be simply shaken off.

During heavy bouts of rainfall you may find rain will ingress into the sewing seams. This is not an issue however, as the cover can be unzipped, removed and shake to remove the water.

Storing the cushions outside of the spring and summer seasons is recommended to keep them in the best condition.

WeatherReady Cushions

The supplier Hartman also have a range of cushions, called WeatherReady, which are suitable for summer showers.

Like Weather-Shield cushions, any rainfall that hits the fabric of the cushions beads and then proceeds to run off the cushion. During more persistent showers however, the rainfall penetrates the cushion and gets caught in the fibres within the cushion. These can be left to dry before being used again.

Once again, the cushions would need to be stored during more adverse weather and out of season to lengthen the life of them.

Showerproof Cushions

A variety of suppliers, including Stonemere, have showerproof cushions. These allow for the cushions to withstand sudden summer showers. When they become wet they dry out within a few hours.

However unlike weatherproof cushions, these should not be left out in any rainfall heavier than a shower, as the rain would likely damage them.

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