Why Buy a Pizza Oven?

Last October we predicted that one of the hottest trends for 2021 would be Outdoor Pizza Ovens. We were right – with sales through the roof and stock selling out in no time!

We have seen a shift in garden leisure in the UK, with interactive and immersive experiences coming more into trend. Making homemade pizzas fits the bill; from proving homemade dough balls for the base to decorating and cooking the pizzas, it is something the whole family can look to be involved in.

The proof is in the pudding (or Pizza in this case), with many people enjoying both the creation of food, and the authentic taste of a homemade pizza.

With our Ooni Pizza ovens, the cooking time is only 60 seconds. This quick turnaround makes it ideal for larger parties, and each pizza when cooking in bulk is a fraction of the price of a take-away one.

Temperatures can reach up to 500 °C which is hotter than most kitchen ovens. These kinds of high temperatures are needed to create the authentic bubbly light doughy base seen in pizzerias. The compact nature of the Ooni pizza ovens also means they can be stored when not in use or taken to another house. BBQs typically are more awkward to move because of their large size.

These design also makes Pizza ovens ideal for cooking other food, such as steaks, skewers, casseroles – we chose some of our favourite recipes here.

Higher cooking temperatures, easier portability & storage, and the ability to enjoy preparing and cooking a multitude of dishes has led to some now favouring Pizza ovens over traditional BBQs.

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