Make Your Garden the Place to be This Winter

You can still make the most of your garden in the winter.

With a few additions to your outside space it could be used throughout the cooler months and look fantastic in the process.

What Do You Do With Your Garden in The Winter?

Tidy up any plants in your garden, as some of your seasonal ones may have died or need cutting back ready for next season. Try to weed your garden and areas surrounding perennial plants as much as possible, clearing paths and patios.

If you have any garden furniture either make sure these are suitably covered or stored away inside to protect them. Whilst many sets are suitable for use all year round we still recommend using a cover for these to protect it from potential weather or animal damage.

Some spring bulbs like to be planted during winter, so look out for those. Plants such as dahlias would need to be brought inside during the winter.

How Can I Enjoy my Garden Over The Winter?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of winter gardening is helping to attract wildlife to your garden. Food can be harder to find for local wildlife, such as birds and hedgehogs, during the winter.

Look to add feeders or bird tables to your garden. Sunflower seeds and suet are two popular types of bird feed which can be left outside during the winter. Try to keep any feeders clean by removing old seed and cleaning out the feeders every 2-3 weeks.

Some vegetables thrive in the winter months, with parsnips and leeks being two vegetables that can be harvested during the winter. Many fruits and vegetables can be planted during the winter, including raspberries, spinach and lettuce.

Winter can be a great time to prepare an area of your garden for growing your own produce, either by digging out an area of your garden or doing a little landscaping.

Look towards obtaining some evergreens, such as shrubs or topiary for your garden. These will survive all year round and will look fantastic no matter the season.

Some flowers are particularly hardy throughout the UK winter and can give you an injection of colour into your garden.

Top 5 winter bedding plants:

  • Viola
  • Primrose
  • Polyanthus
  • Cyclamen coum
  • Bellis

Another great reason to get out into your garden during the colder periods of our weather is to reorganise your outdoor storage, such as sheds and garages.

Add some shelving or units to your storage. Perhaps add a potting table to a sun room ready for next season, such as the Moreton Potting Bench or the Premier Potting Station.

If you want to speed some time sitting out in your garden it is well worth purchasing something to keep you warm, whether that be a chimenea, firepit or outdoor heater.

How Could I Brighten Up My Garden?

The weather may be darker and bleaker; however your garden needn’t be.

Look to add a splash of colour to your garden using paint, such as our Protek range. Add colour to your fencing, shed or other outdoor timber storage.

Products such as the Royal Exterior Finish would provide a vibrant colour to your timber and has a mass of different colour options to choose from.

Another way to add colour is to add bright and vibrant winter planting, such as pansies and quince.

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