Finding the Right Firepit

We’ve all been spending much more time in our gardens this year, but why should that stop when the summer comes to an end?

With it looking more likely to be spending Bonfire Night at home this year, you can quickly & easily transform your outside space into a cosy winter garden.

By using a firepit in your outdoor dining or lounge area, you are extending your home and bringing the indoors outside. What better way to spend an evening by cosying up under a warm blanket, toasting marshmallows and heating up some hot chocolate around an open fire?

Which Firepit Should I Choose?

With so many different firepits and chimineas available, it can be difficult to know which one to go for. We have done a roundup of the different outdoor heating options available to help you choose which the right style is for you!

Fire Bowls

Having an open fire outside can really create a perfect Hygge moment and sometimes the simpler the firepit, the better.

A firepit where you can simply just throw in some logs or some coal are perfect for nights camping under the stars in your garden; just grab some chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits and enjoy some s’mores and create amazing memories with your family.

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From contemporary styles like the Garden Trading Lyneham to the more traditional and rustic styles like the Tamba and the Foscot, there are fire bowls to suit all tastes and budgets. For added functionality, you can even choose one that stores your firewood underneath like the Fasa and the Camacha.

Gas Firepits

Perfect for contemporary gardens, gas firepits are great for entertaining friends and family. Firepits like the Norfolk Leisure Cocoon and the La Hacienda Orlando are a fantastic centrepiece for any garden.

The main benefits of a gas firepit are that they are quick to light and easy to clean. Unlike wood burning or charcoal fire pits, gas fire pits can easily be turned on and off and require very little maintenance.

Once lit, a gas firpit will run continuously and often feature knobs to allow you to easily control the height of the flames, allowing you and your guests to sit back and relax.


Similar to fire pits and fire bowls where they require wood or charcoal, the chimeneas defining feature is its tall chimney.

Originally invented to bake bread, the chimenea is designed to burn for a long time, without needing to be constantly tended to. From a safety perspective, chimeneas are considered safer than fire pits as there are no open flames. The design of the tall sides keep the fire contained and prevent any potential sparks from flying.

Whether you are looking for a traditional clay chimenea like the Maple Leaf or a more contemporary steel style like the Malmo, a chiemena will provide both warmth and ambience during both summer and winter evenings.

Are gas Firepits cheaper to run than electric heaters?

If you already have outdoor plugs installed, then an electric heater is often cheaper to run as you don’t need to worry about purchasing replacement gas canisters.

Although electric heaters are cheaper to run, gas firepits are more versatile as you are not restricted to where you can have it in the garden and it can be moved to where you and your guests are sitting.

Enjoy Your Winter Garden

No matter what kind of outdoor heating you choose, having a fire pit or chimenea will create the cosiest winter garden. Just add some cushions and blankets to your outdoor sofa and you, your friends and family will be able to enjoy the garden all year round!

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