One of the biggest names when it comes to garden machinery in the UK, Webb has been a brand that was established in 2011. They create high quality, finely crafted pieces of machinery that utilise the latest technology to create easy to use mowers that are suitable for every size of garden.

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Finding that your lawn is looking a little glum? Needs a little TLC? Maybe you need to upgrade your mower to a newer model? Webb is a brand of which we stock who specialise in garden machinery, particularly mowers.

To further help the development of your lawn, how about checking out some other essentials items from our other brands that may be able to turn your old patchy lawn into a glorious looking lawn! Rolawn are one such brand along with Hallstone.

Why Choose Webb?

They offer a range of variously powered mowers. From push-powered mowers to electric and petrol, no matter they style you require you’ll be covered.

Push-Powered Mowers

For those who may only have a small lawn, who wants an uncomplicated mower, Webb’s push-powered machines continue to be popular. Each of the push mowers they sell all include large rear rollers. They also tend to have a tool-free Cylinder setting. They also, like the other mowers they create have various height settings so they shall be able to be used by most family members.

Electric Mowers

By far the most popular mowers are those powered by electric. Powered by 360 Watt motors with 3 different settings they also have large grass boxes to ensure you don’t have to worry about stopping and emptying every few minutes. Depending on the model of which you choose to go for, the entire range of Webb Electric mowers have long power cables varying between 15m to 22.5m.

Petrol Mowers

Powered by 87cc petrol powered motors, these mowers are perfect for those that have a larger lawn space and don’t want the limitations of cables.

Again, with 3 settings, Drive, Drive and Cut or just Cut and with adjustable height in regards to the blades and handles.