The Hottest Autumn Trends

The weather is changing, however it doesn’t mean we can’t still make the most of our outdoor space.

With our handy Autumn Trend guide, you and the family will be using the garden more than ever!

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is no longer only for the summertime BBQ and a garden kitchen is the new way of cooking in all seasons. Although there is the option to go all out and build a full kitchen/dining area you don’t need to spend a huge amount to enjoy a garden kitchen. 

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are a great way of introducing easy al-fresco cooking, without blowing the budget. Often compact and quick to heat, you can make dinner for you and the family in minutes and the meals don’t have to stop at pizzas. With ovens like the Ooni Koda, you can make bread, tacos and even an apple crumble!

With a garden kitchen, you will soon be ditching the weekend takeaways and enjoying authentic, home cooked food that the whole family will love.

Woven and Natural Materials                                                                      

A huge trend we’ve seen throughout 2020 is woven and natural materials in both the home and garden and this is continuing through to the autumn and winter seasons.

No longer do you need all your furniture to match as the mixing of materials is encouraged and celebrated. Wicker and rope sofas are complimented by contrasting tables with metal frames and concrete table tops.

Natural materials compliment one another, allowing your taste to show. For autumn, add cushions and throws to add texture and layering; creating a new dimension to your outside space.

Outdoor Play

This year, we have used our outdoor space more than ever and children have learned to use their imaginations and create a playground in their very own back garden.

Children love to be outside and exploring, no matter the weather. Whether they are making mud pies in the mud kitchen or practicing their penalties, 2020 has been the year for youngsters to engage with the outdoors.

With stunning playhouses like the Country Cottage Playhouse and activity toys like the Sand and Water Tables that can easily be stacked and stored away when not in use, you can find outdoor play items that will fit in beautifully with your garden and can even paint them to match your shed or summerhouse.

Lighting & Ambience

An easy and cost effective way of updating your garden for autumn is simply by adding some lighting. From outdoor wall lights, to table lanterns or string lights, the garden will instantly have a warm ambience when it’s softly lit.

There’s no need to overdo it with the lighting and sometimes just some simple string lights along the fence or spotlights along the path can be an effective way to transform those dark evenings.

Re-purposing & Recycling

Now more than ever, people are shopping and eating more resourcefully and this is continuing with home living. From smaller tasks like painting plant pots and fencing to larger projects like creating seating areas from old pallets, upcycling and repurposing furniture for your garden is great for the planet and will add a unique touch to your garden.

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