Teppanyaki Cooking – Top 5 Garden Street Recipes to try on your firepit set in 2020

Firepit tables are one of the ‘in’ trends for 2020. It’s not hard to see why, as they can create an interactive dining experience at your table without leaving your seat. Teppanyaki is a Japanese term which literally translates to ‘Cooking on a Griddle’.

We’ve chosen our top 5 Teppanyaki cooking recipes which you can make with friends around one of our firepit sets.

Vegan Grilled Beet Chips – Prep Time: 30 mins; Cooking Time: 45 mins

Vegan friendly and healthy, cooking beetroot chips on the griddle pan of a firepit table is a colourful experience!

Simply peel & cut the beets, season, and put on the grill. For best results, cover with a temperature tolerant metal lid.

They make a light snack, ideal if you want a few nibbles alongside your evening drink.

Difficulty: Easy

Full Recipe found on Charbroil.com

Zingy Teriyaki Beef Skewers
Prep Time: 25 mins; Cooking Time: 10 mins

Light and healthy, these kebabs featured on bbcgoodfood recently and we loved them!

With only 563 calories per serving, the skewers are sure to be a talking point around your firepit table and give an oriental flair to your garden party.

Difficulty: Moderate

Full Recipe found here.

Jamie Oliver’s Black & Blushing Worcestershire Fillet –
Prep Time: Up to 12 Hours; Cooking Time: 30 mins

One for the meat lovers, this luscious steak recipe can give that wow factor to your teppinyaki party.

Easy to cook and requiring little additional ingredients, it is a no-brainer to use as a showstopper for your party.

Cut the steak whilst still on griddle pan, give all the seated guests a fork, and eat directly off the grill. For best results, marinade overnight in a fridge.

A real social dish.

Difficulty: Easy

You can view the full recipe here.

Oriental Chicken and Vegetables –
Prep Time: 15 mins; Cooking Time: 30 mins

A chicken based dish with subtle flavours of the far east, this dish was incredibly popular when we tried it.

Although it requires a lot more ingredients (some are specialist such as Mirin Rice Wine), it is well worth the effort as creates a sumptuous dish which is sure to impress.

It really encourages interactive eating, as guests can help themselves and plate up as much as they want (although we are sure that they will be coming back for seconds).

Difficulty: Moderate

You can view the full recipe at this link.

GardenStreet’s Caribbean Banana Surprise –
Prep Time: 5 mins; Cooking Time: 15 mins

Another social dish best served teppanyaki style, and to finish off your meal. Simply split a banana in two by slicing length ways, douse with your favourite dark rum (to your taste, if required), and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Wrap the banana up in tin foil, and put on the griddle plate. On a moderate heat setting, leave for 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

Unwrap the foil, slice into small segments, and allow guests to graze.

Bon appetite!

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