4 Top Tips for Your Barbecue Party!

With August Bank Holiday Weekend approaching, your plans may be underway for that great end of summer party.

With outdoor socialising and parties becoming more and more common, you may be struggling for inspiration on how to give your party that real wow factor!

Check out our guide below for top tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to make your barbecue party a real show stopping event!

  1. Food Choice

With more international food readily available in the UK, you no longer have to be restricted to just hotdogs, burgers, and that lifeless potato salad.

Try Halloumi, the Cypriot cheese made from goat and sheep mix. It’s quite squeaky in texture, and is similar tasting to mozzarella with a salty flavour.

However, what’s great about Halloumi is that is has such a high melting point, which makes it ideal for the BBQ grill. Try halloumi on a kebab skewer with roasted peppers and onions, for a great vegetarian option.

A collection of meze dips items such as houmous, tzatziki, and green olive paste can also add a Mediterranean vibe and flavour to your barbecue.

To keep the costs down, why not grill a flatbread or pitta bread, cut it into slices, and serve in a bowl surrounded by these dips. These are found in most high street supermarkets.

The grill plate on the Rowlinson Alberta BBQ is ideal for warming up bread, as well as cooking those traditional BBQ favourites.

For more inspirational BBQ recipes, to really turn heads, check out Char-Broil and their top recipes.

2. Cooking Method

Whereas charcoal Barbecues give that smokey flavour, these are generally harder to start up and longer to cook on than gas barbecues.

This is as all the charcoal would need to ‘white’ before cooking your food, and can keep guests impatient and hungry.

With our collection of Gas Burner BBQs, these can be turned on at the click of a switch for a rapid and consistent heat source.

Most Char-Broil Barbecues use tru-infrared technology, which ensures a more succulent cooking experience, and a better end product.

This is preferred by the true barbecuing connoisseurs, and those who love playing host, and results in more juicy cooked meats.

Looking for something different? View our collection of Smokers and Roasters, such as the Big Easy Oil-less Smoker, or the Tepro Wichita Smoker.

3. Snazzy Outdoor Furniture

Great food choice. Tick. Great Cooking Method. Tick. Don’t let a lifeless garden or patio area let you down.

Existing Wooden Garden Furniture than looks tired can be revitalised with a touch of Protek Royal Exterior.

Why not try a sage green and cornish cream colour scheme for a pastel feel for a quick and easy sprucing up.

Looking for something new altogether? Poly Rattan gives a rattan feel, and is much cheaper than real rattan.

The Port Royal Prestige Table Corner Set is a sitting and eating solution, due to the stunning corner sofa unit.

For a more formal setting, try the Rowlinson Dewsbury Set.

4. Preparing for the Unexpected: Keep Your Barbecue Covered

When the rain comes (it’s the United Kingdom, it’ll always find a way to rain!), don’t let this spoil the barbecue.

The Roma BBQ Gazebo is stylish, and ensures that the rain doesn’t cause havoc to your barbecue.

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