How Do You Create A Contemporary Garden?

Creating a contemporary garden can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a huge garden makeover or redesign. With some clever planning and small changes, you can make a huge difference to your garden.

Keep It Simple

One of the key things to remember when aiming for a modern garden is: less is more! By keeping the space simple and using minimal furniture and accessories, you can easily achieve a contemporary style.

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Painting your decking, fencing or shed can instantly freshen up any garden. Colours with cool tones like white and grey will make the garden feel bigger and lighter and they beautifully contrast with green plants.

Create A Focal Point

Having a modern focal point will draw the eyes to that are and will instantly transform the entire garden into a contemporary outdoor space.

A practical and stylish choice for a centrepiece in the garden is a fire pit. When looking for a modern fire pit, go for a contemporary material like metal or cement fibre as opposed to clay. Metal or concrete-style pits are modern, but timeless and will sit perfectly with existing garden furniture, no matter its style.


Although it can be a bigger and more expensive job, paving or decking your garden can make a huge difference to your garden and by choosing the right paving style and colours can give you a contemporary finish that will remain stylish for years.

When aiming for a contemporary design, think straight lines and smooth materials. Light stone or grey concrete paving are perfect for a contemporary outdoor space and they will give the illusion of a larger, luxury garden.

Modern Furniture

Landscaping and painting fencing may not be an option either due to budget or because you may rent your property. If making modifications to the garden isn’t a possibility for you, it doesn’t mean you are stuck with a tired looking garden.

Depending on the size of your garden, you can find a furniture set that can create a contemporary dining or lounging area. From smaller bistro sets, to larger corner sofa sets or day beds, garden furniture can be a quick and easy way to update your patio.

Garden Lighting

Well thought out lighting can have a great impact on your garden and not only will it add atmosphere and warmth, it can accentuate certain areas that you may want to draw attention to.

If you only have a small are with contemporary features, then arrange your lighting so this area becomes the focus point. Emphasising the chosen area with lighting will instantly give the illusions of a modern and sleek garden.

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