Five Ways to Revitalise Your Garden On a Budget

Whether you’re replacing fencing, buying new furniture or building a patio cover, doing up the garden can add up and be quite expensive. However, giving the garden a refresh needn’t break the bank and you can transform your space outside with just some small changes and improvements.

1)Paint the shed and fencing

A simple way to bring your garden back to life and give it a quick makeover is by painting the shed or fencing – or both! You can now buy a range of colours and stains to suit your garden and that will compliment your existing décor and furniture.

By buying a good quality paint you will be less likely to need to reapply the paint as frequently and it will ensure that the wood remains protected against rot and weathering.

2) Bring the living room outside

A growing trend we have been consistently seeing over the last year is making the garden an extension of the home and turning the garden into a room.

Making a cosy spot in the garden can really liven up the patio or decking area and this can simply be done with just some cushions, some throws and an outdoor rug. By creating a cosy area you will also divide the garden into zones which can give the illusion of a bigger space.

3) Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a really simple and effective way to add ambience and character to your garden. 

With so much variety of solar lighting available, you can enjoy your garden from day to night without the hassle of finding an electrical output.

4) Accessories

Accessorising the garden can transform a space and bring some life and charm to otherwise redundant areas.

Hanging prints on fencing and shed walls or ornaments from tree branches and pergolas will add depth and different dimensions to the garden. Garden mirrors are becoming increasingly popular and are great for giving the illusion of a much bigger garden.

5) A good clean up!

Sometimes the best (and cheapest) way to revitalise your garden is simply just a good clear out and clean up!

Clearing the lawn, pathways and beds from any leaves and debris and giving the decking or patio a power wash can make a difference and instantly brighten up your outdoor space.

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