Finding The Right Bike Store

If you have a bike you may be wondering how you can keep it stored away when you are at home. Not all people have the luxury of a garage or a shed with enough space and a bike store that won’t take up too much room may be the only option.

In this guide we will outline the benefits of a bike shed and help you to understand what kind of storage unit might be the most suitable for your requirements.

What Are The Benefits of a Bike Store?

There are several benefits to storing your bike in a bike shed, such as keeping it clean and dry or to prevent it taking up space in the hallway. However, the main benefit to purchasing a bike store is to protect you bicycle from theft.

Bicycles can often be very expensive, so ensuring they are safely stored away when not in use is important. Not only will you have the peace of mind that your bike is secure, but it may even lower your insurance by being stored in a police approved storage unit.

What Material Bike Shed Should I Choose?

There are different types of bike stores available; mainly plastic, wooden or metal and there are advantages and disadvantages to all three of the different materials.


A wooden storage unit is often preferable for most people as it is traditional, affordable and can be painted. Although wooden bike stores are cheaper, they do require maintenance and treatment to ensure that they do not rot or crack.

Wooden bike sheds can be padlocked for additional security, however, they can still be broken into with some force, so there is a risk of theft.


Unlike wooden sheds plastic storage units require very little to no maintenance and will not need to be treated. Often with aluminium framing and plastic panels, plastic bike stores will be rot and rust resistant.

Straight forward to assemble, plastic bike stores are similar to wooden in the sense that they can be locked, but are not necessarily highly secure.


If your main priority is security and protection then you are more likely going to need a metal bike store.

Although they can be a little more difficult to assemble and are more expensive than wooden and plastic bike stores, metal stores are low maintenance and have high secure locking systems.

Brands such as Trimetals and Asgard supply high security units that are police approved and have manufacturer warranties of 10 and 25 years to give you added peace of mind and reassurance.

What Size Bike Store Do I Need?

Choosing the right size bike shed will depend on the number of bikes that need storing and where they are being stored. If you are looking to store bikes for the whole family and are not limited on space, then one large bike store will be suitable.

However, if you have a smaller garden or can only store your bike to the side of your property, then you may want to look at purchasing a vertical bike locker as this will use up minimal floor space.

If you live in a house share or apartments, then it will be important to find a bike shed that offers shared access but security. The Asgard Double Ended Bike Locker is designed to store two bikes independently from each other, but in one unit. With the double ended access and the internal steel divider and lock, the storage unit lets you share the unit without compromising on security.

To really maximise the the space of the storage unit, consider using hooks and shelves so you can store helmets, water bottles and bike pumps.

Are Bike Stores Secure?

Depending on the kind that you choose, a bike store can be extremely secure. With features such as a 5 point locking system and drill and pick resistant locks, metal bike stores are more secure compared to wooden or plastic.

Although wooden or plastic storage units may not be as secure as metal, they are still extremely beneficial as they act as a deterrent to theft as the bikes will not be on display.

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