5 Garden Furniture Ideas for 2021

Here are our top 5 garden furniture ideas for you to consider:

Adjustable Height Tables

A growing number of furniture sets are starting to include adjustable height tables.

These allow for your garden set to be multi-functional and give your purchase extended usage.

In the lowest table setting these allow for the table to act like a coffee table, being a comfortable height to rest cups of tea or magazines on, whilst you casually chat to friends and family.

Whilst the mechanical side of adjusting the table differs with design and styles, they are all straight forward to action and allow the table to be raised up to a comfortable dining height. This allows for some fantastic and comfortable al fresco dining.

The below LG Outdoor Monaco Corner Dining Set With Adjustable Table demonstrates this perfectly.

Firepit Tables

Another style which is increasing in popularity are tables with built-in firepits. These are designed to keep you and your guests warm whilst you dine or drink around the table.

Whilst they are smaller than a standalone firepit they can still be used to roast marshmallows or grill similar smaller foods should you choose to. Teppanyaki cooking would suit these firepits perfectly.

Built-In Loungers

A growing number of garden furniture sets are including built-in loungers. On the majority of these one of the sides, normally the corner sofa component, features a mechanism that allows for the seating to become a lounger.

These are easy to action and allow for the set to very quickly switch from casual dining to relaxing. Truly multi-functional, whilst also saving you space in your garden.

Modular Sets

With a vast array of corner or round sofa sets it is always worth looking out for the term modular.

Several sets feature modular components. These allow for sections of the corner sofas to be positioned differently, adapting the set to different garden shapes and sizes.

Whereas some sets may be longer on the right or left hand side of the sofa component, modular allows you to change the layout to suit what you require.  

Day Beds

These are incredibly comfortable and allow for you to truly relax in your outdoor space, perfect after those busy days at work and for when you really need to switch off.

Most include adjustable and movable footrests and are large enough to hold multiple people. Some also include a canopy or roof to help shield you from the sun and some light showers. These can often also be retracted.

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