Why Choose Char-Broil?

Charbroil have been at the pinnacle barbecuing innovation and design, and a preferred choice for the true barbecuing connoisseur. With their roots being established in 1925, and being founded in 1944, they are thought to have made the first cast iron charcoal grill on the market.

An American brand, the company has established themselves as a worldwide leader of barbecuing and outdoor cooking equipment, and have generate a cult following of customers who appreciate the quality, innovation, and cutting edge design of their products.With striking designs, Charbroils range of gas powered grills looks as great as your barbecued food will taste!

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Tru-Infrared Technology is one such concept which Char Broil have designed to improve your cooking experience. Why not check out the Char-Broil Performance T-47G 4 Burner Gas BBQ, or the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go Gas BBQ.

Whilst looking at barbecues, we also retail Dancook and Tepro barbecues (to name a couple), should you prefer charcoal heated BBQs rather than gas heated BBQs.

What is Tru-Infrared Technology?

TRU-Infrared® is the new innovative technology by Charbroil designed to revolutionise the way you barbecue. This patented design is favourited by barbecue Chefs around the world, as not only does the design prevents flare-ups and is more gas efficient than traditional barbecues, it delivers the same juicy, delicious taste of charcoal barbecued food. 

Infrared cooking transforms conventional heat sources into intense radiant heat, through the use of micro-holes. The metal plate between the flame and the cooking grate acts as an emitter by capturing the heat from the flame and distributing it evenly across the cooking grates. This allows you to barbecue all year round, to enhance your cooking experience.

This radiant heat penetrates food to cook it directly, searing it to seal in juices and cook it quickly. This avoids the age old problem that some traditional convective gas grills may have, where the air around the food is heated which subsequently dries it out.  Infrared cooking therefore helps to ensure extra succulent and juicy food, whether vegetables, fish, or meat, and the precise temperature control allows more power over more delicate foods than traditional barbecues.