What Size Bin Store Do I Need?

Keeping your wheelie bins in a bin store is a simple and effective way to keep them hidden from view in your garden or driveway. With wheelie bins and recycling boxes varying from household to household, it can be difficult to know which storage unit will accommodate your bins, but with our helpful guide you should be able to find exactly what you need!

What Is The Standard Size Wheelie Bin?

Wheelie bins are often available in 3 sizes, however, the standard bin size in the UK is 240L. Below is a table showing the different sizes available:

Capacity Dimensions
140LH: 108cm x W: 58cm x D: 87.5cm
240LH: 106cm x W: 57.5cm x D: 73cm
360LH: 106cm x W: 48cm x D: 55cm

How Can I Hide My Wheelie Bin Cheaply?

You can make your own bin shelter to save money, or use garden screens to corner off a section in the garden to keep them hidden.

Although building your own bin store from scratch may be cheaper, it will take a level of skill and can take quite some time. If you are looking for something that will be easy to assemble then there are wide range of bin stores available suitable for all budgets and gardens.

If you are thinking of situating the bin store against a wall or fence, then it might be worth considering a slatted bin shelter that does not have a back. This will be cheaper than those with solid backs and when up against the wall, the back will not be visible. Available as a Single, Double or Triple, the Rowlinson Bin Stores and Recycling Box Store are durable but cost-effective units that will keep you bins hidden and can be painted to match your fencing.

How Can I Hide My Recycle Bin Outside?

With numerous bins for garden waste, food waste and recycling it can be difficult to find enough space in the kitchen to keep all the bins.

Depending on how many wheelie bins you have, you can look to purchasing a storage unit that will accommodate both your wheelie bins and your recycling boxes. The Garden Village Combo Stores are perfect for storing all of your outdoor bins and boxes and are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

If you only require a smaller storage unit for your recycling boxes, there are single Recycling Box Stores that often have shelving inside; allowing you to store more than one box without taking up valuable space outside.  

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