Top Selling Arbours: How to Utilise Garden Space

When I go into my back garden, I often imagine the best ways to utilise outdoor space, and what style and materials would be best suited to complement my garden design. I immediately get drawn to thinking of outdoor furniture; benches, arbours, you name them! For those lazing days sitting reading the paper in the sun, enjoying a nice coffee or hot chocolate in the evening (*cough* a nice cold beer *cough cough*), or for gathering around a Chimenea at a social occasion.

The impact that the natural surroundings of the garden can have on the type of furniture cannot be underestimated. I for one want something which will not turn heads or dominate the garden, but something that can blend in and look stylish; complementing its surroundings.

I find that the Rowlinson Victoria Arbour ticks many of these boxes for a smaller to mid-sized garden. In my case, I have a smaller garden where space is a premium, and with a total width of under 1.4m, it’s perfect for making great use of a limited area.


Rowlinson Victoria Arbour

The natural timber finishing of the Victoria Arbour gives that desirable light colouring and ambience which is both neutral and stylish. In particular, what I think is great is the trellis design to the frame. This would allow climbing plants to prosper, and with a bit of care could create that ‘secret bench’ style and let nature take over.

The Grange Wistow Arbour is also ideal for smaller to mid sized gardens. Although of a slightly larger width of just over 1.7m, this also has that desirable trellis construction and a natural finish. The main difference though is the Solid Slatted Enclosed Roof, for those after a more angular look.

Grange Wistow Arbour

The same can be said about the Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour. Perhaps more suited to larger gardens, this again has a natural timber finish, and the trellis styling. Making great use of that awkward unused corner space, and is the perfect canvas for climbing plants to prosper.

Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour

Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour

‘But what climbing plant would you recommend?’, I hear you say. Well, Clematis is one of the most popular garden plants in the UK, and it is easy to see why. Quick growing, bright and colourful, it would be perfect to grow up the side of either of these arbours. They are moderately easy to grow and maintain, fully hardy, and flower in Winter to late Summer.  Alternatively, English Ivy (Hedera) would also be great to grow on the arbours. This is hardy and evergreen, for that traditional all year round look.

Clematis: Colourful and Fast Growing

Clematis: Colourful and Fast Growing

In fact, if I am looking to spruce up my garden in a year or two (or if climbing plants are not an option for your garden), I have the opportunity to paint or stain these arbours to my taste. I’m thinking a nice Sage Green for that classy, rustic look.

It is also well worth noting that the variety of wood used for these arbours is FSC ® Certified, which meets the social, ecological, and economic rights of our world’s forests without compromising those of future generations. This is a guarantee that the wood is responsibly sourced, under the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Whichever Arbour I do finally choose to get for my garden, I know it’ll look great all year round with the right climbing plants, a bit of gardening care and fairly simple plant maintenance.

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