The Garden Street Guide to Buying a Garden Gazebo

We have a wide choice of gazebos available on our website, in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 metre x 3 metre structures (which are a popular size), to substantial sizes up to 5 metre in length.

A GardenStreet customer’s Rowlinson Venetian Gazebo looking great in their garden.

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked question to help you when searching for your perfect gazebo.

How long do Gazebos take to assemble?

Typically, a permanent gazebo can take anywhere from 3 – 10 hours to put up, depending on the structure. It is a two person job.

Metal ones are quicker to install than wooden ones, as they tend to come pre-drilled and can be erected with Allen key fixings.

A standard 3m x 3m metal gazebo, such as the Seville or Sliding Roof Gazebo will take two people around 3-4 hours on average to assemble.

This can take longer depending on the skill of those assembling.

Are they suitable for all year outdoor use?

This depends on the material used, and the anchoring style. For all year outdoor use, we’d recommend one with a metal (ideally aluminium) powder coated frame because these are rust resistant.

Alternatively, if looking for wooden gazebos, ensure the wood is pressure treated which stops rot for 10 years.

The Rowlinson Sandringham comes fully Pressure Treated

We’d also recommend that the legs/frame be bolted into a solid flat base such as patio slabs, through hilti-bolts or similar self expanding fixings.

Temporary structures which are held down via tent pegs may blow away over time, and steel framed structures will eventually rust when wet.

Are Side Panels Available for Gazebos?

We have fabric side curtains available to purchase on our website, which are suitable for the Latina, Ventian, and Seville Gazebos.

They are attached via Velcro toggles which wrap around the frame.

Some gazebos come with the curtains included in the kit, such as the Runcton Gazebo.

Do Gazebos Need Planning Permission?

This depends of whether it is a temporary or permanent structure. If the gazebo is temporary (up for less than 28 days), than generally planning consent is not needed.

For permanent structures, a rule of thumb is that the structure is less than 2.5m in height, and less than 2 metres from the property boundary, then planning permission is not needed.

This means that the Venetian and Latina Canopies, Sliding Roof Gazebo, and Pandora Gazebos shouldn’t need planning permission as they are all less than 2.5m in height.

However, we’d always recommend contacting your local authority to confirm, as local restrictions may apply.

For further advice, feel free to comment on the blog or call our UK based office.

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