Rolawn Turf: Laying Out Your Own Lawn

Who are Rolawn?

Rolawn have been in business selling turf since 1975, and have in the past had their turf grace the Wimbledon tennis courts. Based here in the UK, just south of York, Rolawn pride themselves on offering great value, high quality turf. They also provide bulk bags of topsoil and other landscaping items.

What is Medallion Turf?

Medallion Turf is Rolawn’s prime turf. Using only the highest quality blend of grass seed, the grass is perfect for homes up and down the country. Thanks to the companies continued work with the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) the Medallion turf can be used for various sporting activities, further enhancing the reputation of the grass.

Rolawn Medallion Turf

Grown here in the UK, the turf is suitable for ever-changing British weather and features a patented ProFresh system, which ensures the turf is delivered to you in as best as condition as possible.

The grass is not harvested until a day or so prior to your booked delivery date. This is to ensure the turf is not lying in wait for too long before being rolled out and laid at your property.

What Month Should You Lay Turf?

Ideally you’ll want to lay brand new turf between mid-autumn and late winter. The reason for this because the weather will be much milder, which can help your turf grow.

With this said, as long as the land can be prepared for being turfed you can lay turf throughout the year, including during the summer.

Do I Need Topsoil Before Laying Turf?

You’ll want to ensure you have levelled topsoil before laying the turf. This needs to be raked to a fine tilth and have a depth of between 100mm to 150mm.

Rolawn have an online calculator to help work out how much topsoil you would need to purchase for your garden.

Is Turf or Grass Seed Better?

If you are looking for almost an instant lawn you’ll want to go for turf, however there is something to be said about growing your own matured lawn using seeds.

  Weight? Issues with Animals? Style of Grass? Ready to Use Timeframe?
Turf Heavy, also dirty. Ideally requires delivery to your home None Can vary, depending on how it is grown. 3-to-6 Weeks
Grass Seed Light, clean. Easy to purchase and transport home Birds may eat the seeds when sown. Cats may make a mess on the soil You get to choose the seed mix you want to sow 6-to-12 Months

How Do You Lay Turf?

There is a number of key points you should try to stick to when laying out your new lawn.

  • Ideally lay out the turf along a straight edge.
  • Stagger each row of turf in a brickwork manner.
  • Use light soil to fill any cracks between the turf.
  • Lightly firm down the turf using the head of a rack or similar.
  • For Circular Lawns, start from the middle and work your way out.

How Is Rolawn Delivered?

Any Rolawn orders, due to the nature of the material, requires booking in for delivery. Should you place an order through ourselves a member of the Rolawn team will ring you directly, normally within 24 working hours of the order being placed, to schedule your delivery.

Whilst available in size bundles, you can also choose your own amount and enter the number of metre squared turf you need for your garden.

If you have any queries regarding turf, topsoil or any of the other Rolawn products please feel free to contact our Cheshire Showroom on 0333 577 1926, speak to us on Live Chat or email us,

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