Rattan or Wicker?

A common misconception is that rattan and wicker are one in the same, when in fact this isn’t true

What Is The Difference Between Rattan And Wicker Furniture?

Wicker is a term used to describe making products using plant based materials such as cane, reed or bamboo. A technique first used by the Ancient Egyptians, it’s commonly used for garden and indoor furniture/accessories due to its attractive appearance, as well as its strength and durability.

If you’re looking for wicker furniture it is well worth taking your time inspecting the product, as any poorly weaved parts will cause the product to fail over time, for example the seat may start to sag making the product uncomfortable to sit on.

Rattan, whilst also having a weave appearance, is made from natural fibres. These can vary in specific materials as you have different types of rattan. Real Rattan is harder to bend and shape compared to Wicker, so tends to have a higher price tag in comparison. Rattan is handmade, adding to its premium nature.

Like wicker furniture, the tighter the weave on the product, the higher the quality. With rattan furniture however, it is less likely to sag or gain gaps in the weave over time compared to wicker.

PE Rattan however, is made from purely man-made materials such as plastic. Whilst retaining the look of Rattan, this type is recyclable and easier to weave, and more importantly is weatherproof and UV resistant.

What Is Better? Rattan or Wicker?

PE Rattan, whilst being plastic to the touch, is available in a wide variety of weaves and colours and is much more affordable. It is also worth remembering that rattan is weatherproof and resistant to UV.

Wicker is the more traditional of the two. Its natural materials add to the weight of the product, and would require more care and attention to protect it from becoming damaged. Wicker furniture includes a higher price tag and can be harder to obtain.

With all home and garden furniture, it really comes down to the look and feel of what you’re after, and whether or not the styles of wicker or rattan would suit the design of your home.

Is Rattan Considered Wood?

While Rattan material has a number of elements, such as natural plant extracts, it is not considered to be wood. PE Rattan has no natural elements, so is not classed as wooden either.

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