Protecting your Rattan Furniture

Can I put Rattan Furniture Outside?

PE Rattan is weatherproof and perfectly suited for being outside.

This is due to rattan being shower-resistant, and also offering UV resistance against sun damage.

Combine this with the fact that most rattan furniture sets come with powder-coated aluminium framework, which offers protection against rust. This results in a very durable and hardy product suitable for all year round outdoor use.

Sets such as these include the Rowlinson Prestbury range as well as the top 5 Grey Rattan sets we outlined in a previous blog.

Should I Cover Rattan Furniture?

If you do intend to keep your furniture outside permanently, we’d recommend purchasing a cover for best results. This helps to keep the set clean, and stop direct contact with rain and the sun whilst not in use.

A number of brands have covers designed for their furniture, such as LG Outdoors. This makes it really easy to get a cover to keep your item in the best condition.

LG Outdoor Set Recommended Cover
Monaco Compact Modular Corner Dining Set  Deluxe Cover – Small Modular (DXCOV06)
Toulon 4 Seat Dining Set with Parasol Deluxe Cover – 4 Seat Dining Set (DXCOV01) 
Oslo Large Square Modular Dining Set with Crank Adjustable Table Deluxe Cover – Large Modular (DXCOV08) 

Should your set not have its own specific cover, then you’ll find a vast amount of alternative generic covers that could be used instead.

Brands such as Bosmere and Draper do a number of covers which would suit various different garden sets. The important thing to check is the size required:

  • If you choose a cover which is too large, wind and rain will get under your cover, causing damage to the cover and may possibly cause damage to the product itself.
  • If you choose a cover which is too small you’ll have difficultly fitting the cover over the set.

It’s worth choosing a cover which has ties or toggles, so that it can be secured to your product.

Not only do covers offer protection against the weather, but also help keep the set clean. The last thing you’ll want to do when you come to sit outside is clean your chairs due to bird droppings or green mould.

Is Rattan Furniture Easy To Clean?

Cleaning Rattan is a simple & straight forward task.

Whereas wooden or metal products may need particular cleaning materials, or staining to protect refresh the furniture, you won’t need to do any of this for Rattan items.

Simply use a non-abrasive cloth with warm soapy water to wipe off any dirt or mess. For those slightly harder to reach places, or to really get between the weave we recommend using a toothbrush.

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