Making a Homemade Bird Feeder and Other Winter Garden Tips!

Winter feeding benefits birds in the UK more than other parts of the year; to help them get through the colder months. Although food shortages can occur at any time of the year, they are more likely to occur in the wintertime.

Providing birds with food can also allow you to marindexvel at the beauty of our ornithological friends , and enthuse children and adults alike! By having a consistent food supply, a variety of birds will appreciate and recognise a bird feeder.

This fantastic guide by Sainsbury’s Bank helps to provide money -saving nature-loving ideas for your garden this winter. Keep the kids busy this Christmas holiday by making a home-made bottle bird feeder, and watch as they enjoy their creation be used by birds!

Further enhance your garden by providing a bird table, which acts as a podium or focal point to admire birds. As well as being an ideal Christmas gift, A bird table is a popular and valuable way to provide food from October to April. Again, a bird table provides a consistent place that birds will recognises, and be relaxed and feel secure with. With many stylish and attractive bird tables available, caring for your feathery friends in the winter months is easier than ever!

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