Made to Measure Fencing

We provide metal fencing and gates for properties up and down the UK. We are able to help customers with ordering made to measure fencing which is suitably sized for the boundary of their property.

GardenStreet are here to help with a few of the most common questions customers ask about made to measure fencing, as well as offering general advice.

What is The Cheapest Fence to Install?

We provide a vast array of different designs for metal fencing. Some feature swirl designs, such as the Stirling range or art deco inspired bars like the Abbey Modern.

Due to their traditional designs, two of the most popular fencing designs are the Manor Ball Top and the Saxon Spear Top. These both feature straight horizontal bars with a flat top and finials to finish the design.  The Manor has ball top finials, whilst the Saxon has a spear top finish.

As they are easier to cut down to their simple designs, these are the most cost effective made to measure designs.

What is the Difference Between a Primed Finish and Powder Coated Finish?

When purchasing any of our metal fencing you’ll find they come in 1 of 2 finishes, either Primed or Powder Coated.

  • Primed: Products which have been primed will have had a Matt finish. Once assembled, these need to to be fully painted, and continually maintained during its lifespan. If they are not suitably re-painted and protected these will rust.
  • Zinc and Powder Coated: The more premium of the two finishes. Zinc and Powder Coated products are suitably protected against rust and do not require further painting or treatment. Should you drill into a powder coated item it is imperative that you touch up the area as the powder coating would have been removed from this part. They have a Satin appearance.

What is an ‘Off the Shelf’ Panel?

When we refer to something which is off the shelf, we are referring to standard stock panels/gates which are made to set dimensions. These are much cheaper to purchase than one which has been made to measure. They also have much quicker delivery lead times, as they are pre-made and ready to be dispatched.

Typically speaking, panels which are ready-made tend to be around 1830mm in opening width (around 6ft). Heights can vary between the different styles.

Opening Widths Vs Physical Width

It is very important when measuring fencing to know the difference between an opening width and a physical width:

  • Opening Width: The gap between the two places that your panels/gates will be hung from, for example between two posts. This allows for the panel to be made slightly shorter to take into consideration the size of the included brackets.
  • Physical Width: The actual physical size of the panel. Bear in mind that physical widths of panels don’t take into consideration the size of the brackets to hang.

How Do I Work Out What Metal Fence Panels I Need?

The easiest way to work out what size panels you need is to draw out a diagram of your garden/boundary, including all measurements of the lengths of your garden and required height.

When creating a plan there are two things to remember:

  • You’ll probably need posts to support your panels. For most metal fencing designs the size of these posts would ideally be 50mm square.
  • Always plan to use ‘off the shelf’ sized panels as often as possible to reduce the overall cost of the job as you’ll need fewer made to measure panels

A great example of a design that a customer has sent in to us can be seen below:

This image clearly shows the size of each length of the garden, and the opening widths between the pre-installed posts. This makes pricing up the design straightforward.

If you’re unsure on how you would go about creating a diagram such as this please feel free to email our sales team with all of your garden dimensions and we will create this for you.

How Do I Use the Made to Measure Calculator?

We have on the website calculators to help work out the cost of made to measure panels, railings and gates.

You’ll need two bits of data in order to find out a price:

  • Height you require
  • The opening width

By entering these two figures the page will then be able to display a price and can be added to your basket.

How Long Can a Fence Panel Be?

When making made to measure panels, due to retaining the structural integrity of the panel, they have minimum and maximum size restrictions:

  Minimum Width Size (mm) Maximum Width Size (mm)
Fence Panel  300 2000
Railing  300 6000
Single Gate  300 1524

If in Doubt…

If you have any questions about metal fencing, whether it be in regards to your measurements, choosing the rights posts or knowing what needs to be made to measure don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Cheshire-based sales team will be able to help with your enquiries.

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