Keter Storage

Where are Keter Sheds Made?

Founded in 1948 in Israel, Keter Plastics have gone on to become a major supplier of sheds and storage solutions for home and gardens. Their items can be found throughout the United Kingdom, as well as Europe, Canada and the United States.

Are Keter Sheds Waterproof?

All Keter sheds are waterproof and weather resistant, making them perfect for everyday storage of garden furniture and equipment.

Keter’s range of plastic sheds will either have an Apex or Pent roof, allowing water to run off the structure, and importantly away from the entrance so you won’t find yourself getting wet when you open the door.

Are Keter Sheds Any Good?

The majority of Keter sheds have DUOTECH walls, such as the Oakland and Artisan ranges. DUOTECH is exclusive to this brand, and is the combination of plastic and resin materials. These two elements provide an incredibly durable, strong and maintenance-free building.

The thick, double-wall construction, combined with internal reinforcements retain a natural look & feel, and are easy to clean. You can still paint the shed, should you wish to choose a colour which better reflects the style of your garden.

With the Newton range this material is taken a step further, as the walls also include wooden elements to give it the look of a wooden shed, but with all the durability bonuses of plastic/resin.

Strength and resilience to the effects of the weather is important with all sheds, in particular those in plastic, which these sheds have, giving you peace of mind.

We’ve previously looked at 5 reasons to purchase a Keter shed in a blog which is worth a read.

How Long Do Keter Sheds Last?

Like all plastic sheds you would get at least 20 years of use from a Keter branded product.  Whilst they don’t require maintenance, with great care they could go on to last a lifetime.

All Keter sheds include a limited lifetime warranty which again gives a reflection on the quality and lifespan of these products.

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