Hybrid BBQs

A big advantage to hosting the perfect BBQ party, is having the perfect BBQ.

We spoke to Dan Revell from LG Outdoor to hear his thoughts on why the new Grillstream Hybrid BBQs will be a real ‘gamechanger’ 2020.

Dan is an expert when it comes to judgement on BBQs, and has been part of the team who research, develop, and source barbecues for a number of years.

Gas or Charcoal? Why not both!

Dan predicts the Grillstream Hybrid BBQs to be real gamechanger for UK barbecuing. Consumers no longer need to choose between either a gas or a charcoal barbecue, as their system allows you to choose either.

You no longer need to choose between buying a gas barbecue or a charcoal model, as the Grillstream Hybrid BBQs can do both.

Dan Revell
LG Outdoor

This means that you can get the authentic taste of charcoaled food, with the ease and simplicity of a gas powered grill.

Effortless Grilling

Dan goes on to explain that whilst other hybrid style systems require the BBQs to be converted whenever you wish to shift between Gas and Charcoal, Grillstream’s range is simple and ‘effortless’.

This is as Grillstream’s Hybrid models are permanently both; you simply heat the charcoal up using the gas power.

You can even choose to use both at the same time, should you wish to cook 50% of the grill area on charcoal, and the other half on gas.

I honestly can’t imagine now going back to a barbecue that couldn’t do both!

Dan Revell
LG Outdoor

Which is better; Gas or Charcoal Cooking?

Dan confessed to using his Grillstream Hybrid at home “on a weekly basis throughout the summer”, and that he loved the flexibility in setting it up as part-gas and part-charcoal.

The gas gives me ultimate control, allowing me to decide the perfect temperature, while the charcoal gives me that searing heat I need to cook the perfect steak.

Dan Revell
LG Outdoor

With Grillstream’s Hybrid barbecues, you have the flexibility to benefit from the advantages of both charcoal and gas cooking.

For a more in depth comparison on the benefits of charcoal & gas cooking, including taste, price, ease of use, feel free to read our recent blog.

Will Charcoal Cooking Result in Flare-Ups?

No – you will not get flare-ups with the Grillstream Hybrid models. The double-grill cooking system is included in all Hybrid BBQs, which means no flare ups and burnt food.

This gives the Hybrid BBQs a real advantage over other charcoal grills in the market, which do not have this patented anti-flare system which Grillstream BBQs have.

We have Grillstream Hybrid BBQs on display in our Cheshire Showroom to see for yourself.

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