How To Makeover Your Garden For The New Year

With holidays in the balance due to the current pandemic a large number of people are instead looking to spend money on refreshing their gardens.

If you are looking to makeover your garden for 2021 then we have a few tips available to inspire you.

How Can I Transform My Garden Cheaply?

Making over your garden needn’t be expensive. With just a few simple changes to your outside space you can dramatic refresh the overall appearance and feel of your garden:

  • Trim, Cut Back and Tidy! : The most straight forward way of giving your garden a fresh appearance is to tackle the planting already in your garden. Cut back any overgrown shrubs, trees and plants and pull up any old, dead or dying planting.
  • Weeding: Taking the time to fully weed your garden will provide a clean slate for your garden, and once done try to make a routine of weeding as often as you can to provide a build-up of weeds.
  • Planters: A quick and easy fix is to look to purchase or make a new set of planters which can be located around your garden. Look to upcycle or used reclaimed material to create planters.
  • Seedlings: If you have friends, family or neighbours who enjoy gardening, ask them if they have any spare seedlings or plants you could use in your own garden.
  • Solar Lights: Solar lights can be an inexpensive addition to your garden and instantly provides an uplifting glow. This can be staked into the ground, attached to fencing/posts or even decorated in old jars and placed around your garden.
  • Mirrors & Accessories: When suitably positioned a mirror can trick the eye to make your garden look bigger. Look for cheap garden accessories that can bring a little personality into your garden
  • Wildlife: Bird feeders and tables can help to bring birds into your garden. Also keep an eye on bedding plants which help to attract bees.
  • Paint: Paint can be an easy way to brighten up and refresh your garden. You could even choose to re-paint some of your planters or accessories.

How Do You Start a Garden For Beginners?

By purchasing or creating your own planter, adding some compost and bedding plants you’ll be on your way to create your own garden.

Always be sure to read the details that come with the plants to ensure you plant them at the right time of year, and pay attention to how often they require watering and how much sunlight they need to flourish.

Herb gardens are another easy way to add planting to your garden.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Landscape?

Stones, chipping and pebbles are a cost effective way of introducing landscaping to your garden and will also help to reduce the number of weeds in your garden. These can go straight onto old patio slabs for a new lease of life.

Whilst more expensive, paving slabs compliment most garden designs, and will dramatically increase the overall look of your garden.

Why not create a seating area with paving slabs? Or a pathway down your garden? Both can be achieved without spending a fortune.

Kelkay Natural Sandstone Patio Paving Kit 10.2m² – Available on GardenStreet

Kits are available to easily create designs, such as the Abbey Paving Kit, or alternatively you can source your own slabs, potentially from reclaimed materials to create your own look. Reclaimed bricks are a cost effective way of creating a similar look.

Why Do People Want a Garden Makeover?

There are various reasons why you would want to look to makeover your own garden, however the most popular reasons are:

  • To increase the property value as you are looking to sell
  • Preparing for a garden party/event
  • So you can spend more time outside

Gardening and relaxing outside is also known for being great for your overall mental health.

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