How to Make Your Own Herb Garden

During the UK lockdown more of us are looking to grow our own produce at home.

A popular way of getting into gardening and getting ‘green fingers’ is by planting up some herbs.

What are The Easiest Herbs to Grow?

The weather in the UK can be very unreliable at best, so it’s important to know which herbs will be adaptable in our climate.

The following herbs are perfect both for starting out growing your own and are fine to grow here in our climate:

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Cress
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

Before purchasing your first set of herbs, it is always worth reading about how it should be planted, watered and cared for. The majority above don’t like to be over-watered and enjoy plenty of sunshine.

Where Should I Plant My Herbs?

Herbs can be grown either inside or outside, using various different potting and planting methods.

Ideally most herbs are better suited to be grown outside, with access to plenty of sunlight, so avoid shaded areas in your garden.

They also require fertile and well drained soils. Over-watered herbs will not flourish, so try to water them during the day in order for the plant to soak up the majority of the moisture. In summer, you may wish to water them every 2-3 days.

When it comes to the planting of the herbs, this can be done in a variety of ways.

You could choose to plant these in individual pots or as part of a ‘run’, in a trough, border or larger planter.

Most herbs will grow in pots, such as Chive, Parsley and Basil. Avoid overpotting, as this will cause the herb roots to rot. Only plant one kind of herb per pot, and ensure the pot/planter is as deep as possible.

If you do decide to plant your herbs within a wooden container or planter ensure this has a drainage hole.

If your planter does not contain one ensure you drill your own before planting.

When Should I Plant My Herbs?

The best time to plant your new herbs is in spring, once the risk of frost has passed. You will find that once established most herbs will be hardy enough to survive throughout the entire year, however newly planted herbs will be damaged if exposed to frost.

Those types of herbs that cannot be left outside all year round are best to be planted in pots and brought inside during the colder periods. Coldframes are also helpful for protecting from sharp frosts.

Can You Grow Herbs Inside?

Herbs can be grown inside within pots or planters. These would need to be positioned in a place where they can get plenty of sunshine. A large window or conservatory/sun room would be perfect.

It may be worth considering keeping a plate or similar beneath the pot to gather the drained water from the drainage hole.

What Kind Of Container Should I Use?

There is a large range of containers, pots and planters you could use to plant your herbs.

The most traditional method of growing your own is by using purchasing a Herb Ladder, such as the Rowlinson one, however there are many other alternative methods.

Rectangular planters are also a popular choice, as you can plant multiple herbs in one planter depending on the size, ensuring you leave plenty of space between plants.

If you would rather grow your plants indoors we would recommend using individual pots and planters for each herb. The Garden Trading Aldsworth Shelf Ladder would make a great way of then displaying these in your home.

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