How to Fix Log Roll Edging

This post has been updated on the 31st January 2020.

Border Rolls are becoming increasingly popular in UK gardens, and create segregation for growing plants and flowers in separate areas. They can act as a partition and help to make your garden look great. We have a range of border log rolls available on our website.

Rowlinson Spiked Border Log Roll
Rowlinson Spiked Border Log Roll

What Log Roll Edging to Choose?

The key features to look for in Border Log Roll Edging are pressure treatment and having a flexible curve design. Pressure treatment helps to protect against rot, ensuring a long lifespan and durability when holding back wet growing soil that your plants are in. Curve designs can add a lease of life to redundant corner spaces in your garden, and offer flexibility when fixing whether creating straight lines or curved shapes.

How Do You Fix Your Border Log Roll?

Rowlinson have recently released a video guide showing the quick and simple assembly of their Spiked Border Roll.

Simply position the roll where you want it and then fix it in place with a mallet; hammering the spikes into the soil. There’s no need for extra pegs or metal fixings. It’s as easy as that!

We also have standard log border rolls, which do not have spikes. Assembly of these is still easy and can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Log Rolls without spikes can be fixed with metal brackets (by being attached onto sleepers)
  • Buying additional wooden pegs to fix the roll to, and to then hammer into the ground.
Standard (non-spiked) Border Log Roll
Standard (non-spiked) Border Log Roll

Alternatively, create a trench for part of the log roll to sit into, before filling in the gaps with sand or soil. Assuming it is pressure treated, it won’t rot.

We also recommend inserting coarse sand under the edging when fixing for good drainage, and means the logs won’t be sitting on water. Don’t forget to insert a ground sheet for water management, as you would with a traditional planter, into the areas you want to grow on and put soil/Rolawn Blended Loam on to.

The Rowlinson Spiked Border Roll are available to purchase today on Garden Street.

Rowlinson Spiked Border Roll
Rowlinson Spiked Border Roll

Alternative Border Edging

For those looking for a more contemporary border edging option their is the Ultim8edge range, also from Rowlinson. 

The kit, when purchased alongside the required pegs, gives a attractive edging to your flower beds and/or borders. The product is made from composite materials, however gives the natural look and feel of hardwood. 

Ultim8edge Flexible Border Edging

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