How To Create An Outdoor Play Area In Your Garden

With the days getting longer, finding ways to keep the children entertained during the Summer holidays can be daunting.

But why spend money on days out every day or going to busy parks when you can transform your back garden into their very own adventure playground?!

Play Equipment

A climbing frame is a great way to develop children’s coordination and gross motor skills.

With a wide range of climbing frames and play equipment available, you can find something suitable for most age ranges and some that even grow with your children to ensure you get plenty of use for a number of years.

With a number of variations available, you can choose to add swings, sand pits and slides in order to suit families with siblings of differing ages. If a full sized climbing frame is too big or outside of the expected budget, then there are swing sets or dome climbing frames that take up less space but still offer just as much fun!

Giant Games

Everybody loves a boardgame, and what is better than a giant version of your favourite game that you can play outside?

4 In A Row, giant chess and great big Snakes and Ladders; outdoor games are great fun for the whole family and are something that older kids will enjoy too. A lot of the game’s matts can easily be folded down and stored away so they are not taking up too much space, so you can just grab it from the shed when you fancy.

Messy and Imaginative Play

Sand pits, water trays and mud kitchens can truly spark younger children’s imaginations and sometimes the simpler, the better.

Just adding different sized cups, pots and jugs to a water tray so they can experiment with pouring or add some old pans and baking trays to the mud kitchen and watch them cook up a storm. To really keep it simple, why not just hand them some giant chalk and let them decorate your patio!

Build a Home

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s playing house! Playhouses have a number of great benefits that help develop children’s imaginations and provide them with their very own retreat at the end of the garden.

Having a playhouse in the garden will encourage your children to play outside more and give them a sense of independence.

Whether they are playing alone or with a sibling, a playhouse can spark their creativity for role play and they can pretend-play being parents, a shop worker or a chef; the possibilities are endless!


Fun for all ages, a trampoline can provide hours of entertainment and a great way to tire them out! Trampolines with zipped enclosures means little ones can bounce without you worrying about their safety.

No need to pay to take them to the local trampoline park when you have your own in your back garden. A great form of exercise, children can practice their gymnastics and acrobatics and have their own mini PE session without even realising. Why not make it even more fun by adding balloons or playing a game where you shout a shape that they have to try to create whilst in the air!

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