How To Create A Balcony Garden

Balcony gardens are a growing trend this year, with more and more people utilising the small outdoor space that they have.

Just because you have a balcony, it doesn’t mean you are restricted when it comes to growing your own produce or creating a peaceful outdoor haven. With our handy guide, you can find ways to create your very own balcony garden.

How Do You Start A Balcony Garden?

Creating a balcony garden can be simple, however preparation is key! The first thing to do before you get started is figuring out the weight restrictions your balcony may have; wet compost in terracotta plant pots can be quite heavy. Once you have decided on the materials you would like to use and studied the areas that get the best sunlight, you are ready to start planting and transforming the space you have.

One thing to keep in mind is your neighbours, especially those below you. Keep in mind that the location of certain plants or produce may result in excess water pouring down onto the balcony below you, which may not be appreciated!

What Vegetables Can You Grow On Your Balcony

Just because you have a smaller outside space, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy homegrown produce and going from pot to plate! You will find that most of the produce that can be grown in a garden can be grown on a balcony, including tomatoes, strawberries and herbs.

In order to successfully grow vegetables, it is advised to use deeper planters or trays so they are likely to produce a bigger crop without needing to be watered as often.

Go Vertical

By creating a vertical garden, you can bring colour, texture and life to your balcony without compromising on any valuable space. There are several ways to make a vertical garden and they can all be done on a budget.

Once you’ve found the climbing plants you’d like to use simply pot them as normal and prop a trellis up against the wall. The trellis will act as a support for the plants as the grow and intertwine; creating a beautiful green, living wall.

You can still have a vertical garden without climbing plants by using old and upcycled step ladders or plant shelves and stands. Fill the steps with different plants, produce or herbs and place them in the best spot for an impactful vertical garden with minimal effort.

How can I make my balcony more private?

Making your balcony more private doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple steps like climbing plants will instantly create a subtle and natural screen.

If you aren’t very green-fingered, or don’t want to have to wait for plants to grow to give you enough privacy you can use a garden screen to corner off parts of the balcony so they are out of view to neighbours or passers-by.

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