How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are great to ensure you keep your garden furniture in the best possible condition they can be in for longer.

Why Clean Your Furniture Covers?

Particularly during the winter months, it is a great idea to keep your covers clean. There are two main reasons for this

  • Presentation: Whilst you may not be enjoying your garden quite as much as during the summer, you’ll still want your garden to be as presentable and tidy as possible.
  • Potential damage to your furniture: If the covers are allowed to become dirty they could start to form mould, which could in-turn affect the items you have covered. Prolonged dirt and rainfall may over time also penetrate the cover, again causing damage to your garden furniture

How To Clean Your Covers

Furniture covers are easy to maintain and keep clean. Using a soft bristle brush, along with mild soap and warm water, lightly scrub the entirety of the cover.

Once clean, ensure you allow the cover to air dry fully before placing on your furniture.

We’d also recommend purchasing a fabric spray when you first purchase the cover. This gives the cover additional strength against the elements and can be used once or twice a year to keep the fabric protected. 

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