How To Build A Wooden Wheelie Bin Store?

Wheelie bin stores are a practical and stylish way of concealing and covering up what are necessary but nonetheless utilitarian items. Wheelie bins can take the edge off a beautiful garden design, and bin stores can help to hide these from view. How many times have you admired your garden setting, only to see the aesthetically unpleasing black and green designs of council wheelie bins come into your view? How many times has your bin been knocked over in the wind, spilling out the contents?

Why Choose A Wooden Wheelie Bin Store?

There are a wide range of bin stores in the market, some made of plastic, some metal, and some wooden. Wooden bin stores tend to be a more popular choice in the UK.

All of the wooden wheelie bin stores on Garden Street (excluding Shire Bin Stores) are pressure treated, which provides premium protection against rot and fungi.


Wooden bin stores also maintain a natural feel in your garden, and can complement other wooden items such as sheds, decking, trellis, or fence panels.

The Advantages of Wooden Bin Storage?

Although there are metal wheelie bin storage units in the market, Wooden ones can be painted to maintain a colour scheme or design of your garden. They can be painted the same colour as fences or decking areas, or even have a quirky multicolour design to be a real stand out piece.

We recommend use Protek to paint and protect our products. In particular Protek Royal Exterior provides additional protection against weathering, and also provides vivid colour and flair to the product.


Bin Stores can also provide additional protection from pests such as rats, foxes, and cats. The chain/lid design of the wooden stores available on Garden Street are innovative and easy to use, but provide additional defence from animals.

Wheelie bin stores can also protect against adverse weather and high winds. Left unprotected, winds can knock over wheelie bins and release all of the rubbish inside. Bin Stores can ensure that they are safely secured, and can be easily wheeled out of the unit when you need to.


How To Make A Wooden Wheelie Bin Store?

Making a wheelie bin store is easier than you may think. The Rowlinson Bin Stores on show at our Cheshire Showroom were quick to assemble, with no specialist tools needed.

A real advantage of the wooden bin stores available at, is that the parts come pre-made. This means parts such as side panels and the lids are ready to fixing together.  For a standard Rowlinson Double Bin Store (£164.95, Free UK Delivery), assembly is standard, as the piece only contains 9 different parts (as well as a fixing kit), to make construction as simple as possible.

A range of instructions can be downloaded from each product page, and our customer service team are always happy to assist in providing instructions or with any technical questions. Contact us on 0333 577 1926, or via

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